What attracted me towards Bali was its stunning geography, and of course the amazing wellness activities and treatments that abide. Famed as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali is a booming destination due to its affordability.

Lately, international tourists have embraced the serene and spiritual elements of Bali by exploring ancient temples and by enjoying adventurous activities such as diving and surfing at one of the classic Balinese beaches. Though I had visited Bali just to explore the temples, this time I required some wellness therapy. Getting a good flight deal to Bali from the UK wasn’t tough. My London to Bali Denpasar flight took 15 hours for just £303. A fair deal isn’t it? The sight from the plane was astonishing.

The carpet of green paddy fields was a treat to the eyes. It is believed that even the rice terraces and lush forests emit healing. But it’s a fact, that many tourists visit Ubud, Bali to pursue wellness and spa treatments along with meditation. Women too, get their babies/children massaged to boost circulation. No doubt, Bali jumped from the third position to the first position in the Worldwide Wellness Destination survey. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for beach holidays to Bali, you can still enjoy a wellness treatment.

Bali – A Spa Mecca

For wellness seekers, Bali is the destination second to none. The natural wonders offer a stately backdrop to the soul-pleasing spas, healing sessions and wellness activities. There aren’t many places on the planet where you’ll find over seventy-five yoga retreats just within hours drive from each other, and in Bali the choices are endless.

One gets to enjoy yoga in a natural bound environment. Yoga venues range from bamboo cottages to wooden shacks located in the rice fields, on the mountains or on isolated beaches. Such a diverse settlement allows travellers to pick their choicest wellness spots.

Extremely Affordable

As you read my article, imagine yourself in a flower bath with splashes of cool water from a sacred river, or enjoying an out-of-the-world healing massage from a shaman. With such a glorious offering, you drown in Bali’s cultural and spiritual offerings. The best part is wellness treatments and spas are quite affordable. You can cherish a modest massage between £40-50 or so.

After-effects of a Wellness Centre

  • Find your secret oasis
  • Appreciate the little things
  • Channel your inner child
  • Break old habits. Form new ones
  • Share the gift of a smile

World famous therapists

Every year Bali outshines in achieving the best spa destination in the world and it’s not hard to see, why. Uniquely, Balinese spa and wellness experts are the most sought-after therapists on the globe. Not only they have healing power in their hands, but their knowledge, skills and gestures revive your body, mind and soul in no time.

Away from the daily life

For most of us living a modern city life, we are in a constant battle to survive against several health issues. You just have to get your bags packed and head towards the bosom of nature for some organic and nature therapy. For me, it was asthma that gave me the frights.

For those who are planning to visit Bali, get ready to meet some of the most humble and generous people on the earth. Your escape to Bali includes meditation, yoga, detoxes, herbal treatments, Ayurvedic meals and a close contact with nature itself.

Upgraded and Updated Wellness Facilities

Guess you are already thinking about a peaceful walk through the rice paddies or the kiss of ocean breeze while meditating in one of the world’s best holiday destinations in 2018. Motivated by mass awareness and worldwide interest, the wellness activities and facilities in Bali have matured since the last decade, becoming a prominent haven for robustness and rejuvenation.

Bali – Connection with the gods and nature

I met an aged yoga instructor at one of the Balinese Wellness Centres who leads a popular 5-day treatment. He told me that the locals are spiritually linked in their daily activities. The old and the young are taught to pray before anything they do, and such a connection with the supreme invisible power offers harmony, purity, clarity and strength for the daily tasks. He further said that we locals never forget to thank nature and our gods for anything and everything we do.

Bali is an Asian Disney spot to all the yoga fanatics with a serious view. It’s healing with pure natural features. On your Asian holidays, getting to Bali is quite easy. All flights towards Bali arrive at the island’s capital – Denpasar, which is 2 hours away from Ubud.

Traffic is infamously awful, so hold on to your patience and tap your shoulder to anticipate a life-changing experience on reaching your scenic spot with holidays to Asia. I was healed and revived, so will you.


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