The 1st Day

As soon as we arrived in Venice on the second day of the last week it was already 9pm at night. Immediately after checking in the hotel and being greeted with a welcome drink, we headed for the dinner. After dinner, as we were searching for someplace to get drinks, we ended up at a square which was located at a nearby location to our hotel. Huh! The place was almost crowded with local people.

The Panoramic View

Panoramic Venice

The joy of Venice holidays started on the second day. It was soothing and our eyes loved the sights, wherever we looked and every view resembled the scene of a postcard or a beautiful painting on a clear canvas. We took our way towards the Rialto Bridge and in no time we reached our destination. Indeed it was true that all we heard about the bridge. It was really very big and offered a vast panoramic view of entire Venice. There were also many shops on the bridge where we only did window shopping, though shopping there was a huge burden on our pocket.

St.Mark’s Basilica

St. Basilica

As I am quite uncomfortable in crowded places, therefore we hardly spent a couple of hours on the bridge; the bridge was already very compact. We ran for life and landed on a small one-way street. Taking a sigh of relief we continued our walk to the beautiful alleyways and seriously we would not have minded getting lost in one of them. Taking a few more steps along the way, we unexpectedly found ourselves at the Piazza San Marco. It is the main square in the city with famous clock tower and St. Mark’s Basilica. This square is the largest in the place and one of its kinds in the whole of Venice. As far as our sight went we could only see the imposing buildings that imparted a grand and royal look to the square of Piazza Mark’s Basilica.

Ohh!! The Drink

Venice Drinks

Being thirsty by that time it wasn’t a bad idea to grab a drink from the renowned Harry’s Bar. This is actually a restaurant very unlike its name with antique interiors and offers a good variety from the international kitchen but at heavy prices. This bar has a long and a unique history attached to its name. This is the place where Bellini was invented for the first time. Bellini is a combination of fresh peach juice and sparkling wine. I took some of the pictures of the old-fashioned interior of Harry’s bar and kept it as a collection of memories.

Yeppe!! Gondola

On Gondola

Though we enjoyed our heart full till now, the most memorable part of the tour for which I was very excited. And it is always mandatory on your cheap city breaks to Venice was still left. Yes! You guessed it right. The famous Gondola ride.  At first, we were amazed at the high price of the ride, but seriously I am telling you from my personal experience the cost of the Gondola Ride was worth. As it offers an awesome experience to the tourists. We were charged almost 70 pounds for a 30 minutes ride, as we opted for a longer tour to see Casanova and Parco Polo houses.

I can bet you that the experience which you will have on this Gondola ride would be the most enthralling and quite different from all the experience during your holidays to Europe.



After the Gondola ride, in the evening we paved our way back to our hotel. As we were starving like hell, we stopped at a small and pleasant place called the Flat. It was such a charming place that it felt like we are sitting in the cosy and comfortable ambience of our home. I had my favourite pasta and hot coffee over there.

Tired and exhausted we were lying on our beds in the hotel and didn’t budge till morning. The next day it was our departure day. We boarded our flights back to London, scrolling through the pictures on the way that we clicked on our cheap city breaks.

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