How it Came

My visit to Malta was unplanned and as it rightly is said unplanned visits are always the best. I was actually searching for cheap beach holidays and suddenly I came across the best deal for cheap city breaks to Malta, which provoked me effectively and hence I made up my mind for Malta holidays. Booked the flight and off course my friend too, for weekend fun in Malta. On the departure day, we flew from London and landed in few hours at Malta. Wow! This was the first word which came out from my epiglottis, really the moment was amazing!

The Journey begins

As we headed towards the centre of Valletta, we discovered that it was quite different and unique in architecture than the other European countries. Malta had been long occupied by Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, French, British and many more. Hence it has an influence of all, on its language, culture and architecture.

Spending a night in a hotel, our plan was fixed for next day. Early morning we started exploring the capital of Malta. Valetta could be truly designated as the gentleman’s city. This town has broad streets, perfectly manicured lawns of elegant mansions, flanked with trees. There is much to do when one is in Malta. We started with the amazing Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg. It has glamorous interiors with dazzling treasures of Knights of St. John, worth observing on a Maltese trip. From here we walked to steep hills and visited the Upper Barrakka Gardens and then strolled down to catch a boat to Vittoriosa. Vittoriosa was quite as compared to Valetta with beautiful buildings and swaying yachts but yes, we were sweating too owing to the high temperature.

Another Surprise

For next day, our trip was planned to Gozo. Hiring a car, we moved quickly across the villages and towns of Malta and after around a short drive of fifty minutes we reached Gozo. The first thing we noticed about Gozo was that it was much greener and smaller in size than Malta. As usual, my friend was again hungry and as suggested by localities we arrived at a coastal town in Gozo called Xlendi for some lunch. The water in this small bay of Xlendi was a beautiful mix of blue and green and was inundated with swimmers and snorkelers. We had a scrumptious meal at the Boat House which is a fish restaurant with lovely ambience.

After lunch, our destination was Dwejra as we wished to see the famous ‘Azure Window’, a natural hollow of a rock that exquisitely frames the blue ocean underneath. I dared to creep across the rocks to steal a look at the window and aligned to my normal posture with difficulty on the rocky upheaval, shouting at my laughing friend. A small island sea with a lot of rock pools was an ultimate experience to explore here.

Proceeding from here, considering the little time left over, we made a quick decision for Victoria, the capital city of Gozo. Suspended on the top of this small town, is a Citadel which was built in the 15th century and was initially the centre of this Roman city.

On The Last Day

Spending a day in Gozo and exploring the attractions of this place, we headed back to from where we started. It was almost dinner time and we were having dinner at Guze Bistro in Malta around 9 pm. The food was indeed very good. We tried different delicacies and soon after dinner, both of us were lying flat on our beds due to the exhaustion of the day.

The next morning we boarded our flights back to London with lingering memories of Malta, and a wish to hit the destination soon in future. Holidays to Malta has become one of my favourite holiday spots and it would be forever.



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