A word of caution before you visit Portugal – the country might just become your #1 love, making your partner jealous.

If you have never been to Portugal, you should!

Moreover, if you are planning a trip, these insider tips can help you to prepare a memorable journey. Once you keep yourself updated on the culture, customs, attractions, restaurants, shopping, food and other things, it would be easy to relate when you land in that particular destination. Therefore, if you are searching for cheap city breaks to Europe:

  • Months of July and August are the hottest months to visit Portugal. Do avoid it! May, June and September is the best time to explore this dynamic European nation.
  • You might need to make your own travel arrangements. Find out how to travel the airport, right up to your hotel. Public transport does not run after a certain time.
  • If you are planning to travel to more than one city in Portugal, check the travel time and the distance. It will make sense when you can travel faster and easier between destinations.
  • Several cities in Portugal offer a tourist pass, such as Porto Card or Lisbon Card that offers free or discounted travel. You could save money from the time you disembark your flight.
  • Here is good news for you, you do not need any vaccinations for visiting Portugal until and unless you are travelling from a Yellow Fever Zone.
  • Although credit cards are accepted, some restaurants and smaller stores take cash. If you are paying by debit or credit card, you might be charged. Consult your bank before making purchases.
  • Refrain from carrying large bills while travelling to Portugal. Do not carry bigger than 50 Euros if you exchange money before travelling. If you have a stack of big bills, exchange it from your local bank.
  • If you plan to explore deeper parts of Portugal, make sure you are well-equipped, as local stores might have limited supply of products. If you are planning a family getaway, you can get good deals for your cheap beach holidays as Portugal has amazing beaches.
  • You may not find any tea-making facility in your hotel room. Therefore, carry a travel kettle if you are unable to live without your tea or cuppa.
  • If you are travelling to Portugal during winter, pack sunglasses and sun scream. During summers, you need your hat, sunglasses and repellent to avoid insects and mosquitoes. Pack comfortable shoes or sandals and avoid spiky heels. Jeans, T-shirts and jackets/sweaters will be good for winters.
  • While planning a museum tour, several museums offer free entry on Sundays or admission with discounts. Plan in such a way that you do not land up at a museum on a Monday; most remain closed.
  • English is widely spoken in Portugal. If you can learn a few simple phrases in Portuguese, it will help you in many ways.
  • The locals love to eat. You might be offered dishes made with cheese, bread, and meat at a restaurant, but they come with a price. If you do not want them, just send them back politely and you will not be charged. Seafood is Portugal’s delight. You will surely enjoy a hearty meal. Always get an estimate of your bill before ordering food in order to avoid surprises in the bill.
  • This is a good time to visit Portugal. If this guide rings a bell, you can always grab last minute city breaks from Holiday Desire with special discounts and mind-blowing offers.
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