Spain is one of the most lovable destinations for the entire peripatetic person around the world, and I started getting attracted to its fascinating chasm through the social media. Many of my friends have been to the nation and the pictures shared by them off and on have kept me on my nerves to witness that all by myself.

Being determined to hit the destination at the earliest I initiated my journey from Barcelona, I booked cheap Barcelona Holidays for April, last week. One month flew away just in a wink and here I was in the heart of my dream destination. A trip to the hot spots and the adventure hooks of the city proved me that my love for this town was not wrong. If someone asks me where they can plan for cheap family holidays, I would definitely suggest Barcelona in Spain, as there are certain things that attribute to the fondness of the city, making it an all-time favourite tourist destination.

Architectural Masterpieces of Gaudi – The profound work of the great architect, Gaudi, are truly unbelievable and amazing with Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, being few to mention.

The Astounding Beaches – The beaches of Spain are throbbing with excitement, vigour and vitality. Besides exhibiting sheer beauty and serenity these beaches will make you addicted to their pulsing nightlife from Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza to Galicia’s impressive As Catedrais.


Fascinating Islands – Mallorca and Ibiza are my favourites. That doesn’t mean that Formentera and Menorca had fallen short on the ranking list with their calm and peaceful surroundings. The Cies Islands, off Galicia no doubt are the replica of the Caribbean and the Canaries are adorably unique, artistic and scenic.

Festivals and Traditions – Spain oozes with festivity all the year round. Every city and town has its own unique list of festivals and traditions. You will fall in love with their Reyes Magos, La Diada de Sant Jordi, and La Tomatina. The good thing about the people of Spain is that they are always celebrating something or the other.

Andalusia – Granada, with majestic Alhambra and the quixotic Seville, will take your heart away as soon as you see them.  Exotic Pueblos Blancos, that seems intact since time immemorial, is another wonderful edifice. One could see colourful flowers, women flaunting beautiful dresses in flamenco and the Spanish guitars that have built their reputation till far off places.

Spanish Football – If you ever get a chance to see the Spanish football game, you should never miss the awesome fun. Watching this unique game from the stands of Bernabeu or Camp Nou is a wonderful experience altogether and if you are lucky enough to catch the greatest derby during that time then it would be one of the best experiences of your lifetime.


So, when are you planning for this wonder-nation? Book your cheap beach holidays to Spain and experience the absolute delight on your upcoming vacation, this time in Spain!





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