Finland has always been associated with Saint Nick and sauna. However, Europe’s cornered nation is full of fun, excitement, and amazement. The small population that it caters to, never minds the country being full of forests and rocky regions.

In the past Russians and the Swedes backed up the Finns, but now staggering architecture and design tempt visitors for a cheap city break to Europe from all over the planet to this mind-blowing destination with several secrets. Here are a few facts that very few know about:

Referred to as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Finland has whopping 187,000 lakes in the Finland region. If you love to walk around, you can explore more than 150,000 islands. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

When it comes to something bizarre, Finland has some of the world’s unique sports. The famous among all is the Wife Carrying World Championship that takes place every July. This phenomenal race brings couples from all over Europe. Several newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon this way.

Other strange games are mobile phone throwing, muddy football, mosquito hunting and more.

You might not know this – you have the freedom to Roam and pitch a tent anywhere you like. Whether it is wildlife camping, pitching near the tent or fishing, you have the whole nation to yourself.

Finland has invented many things and the Finns were the first to bring out the idea of the first internet browsers. Erwise was the first Internet Browser with a User Interface. Other cool things invented here are the Linux OS, Angry Birds, the SMS, ice-skated and the sauna.

Unbelievably, the best pizzas are baked here. So all pizza lovers, you can have a hearty pizza party. Apart from the pizza, you can enjoy the entire gastronomic experience – the ambience, the serving, surrounding and the pizza, of course.

When it comes to coffee, the Finns do it right. You can forget your Italian espressos, forget Australian flavours, and head for java. It is said that a Finn can consume 10-12 kg of the brown things every year. It is nearly impossible to find out how many cups of coffee a Finn can drink.

Finns are also milk lovers. The country has the largest consumption of milk per capita. A recent survey says that around 1 quart per person each day.

If you are thinking there are not many beaches in Europe, there are several to make your cheap beach holidays memorable.

If you wish to follow Dominic Toretto and his team of Fast and Furious, you better look out and do not get pulled up by the police. Make sure you are not caught speeding in Finland. Once a speedy person was fined 200,000 dollars. That is excessively too much!

If you fancy tango, you need not head to Argentina or Spain. Tango style is very much alive in Finland. Tango hit this nation in the 60s and the rest is history.

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