What comes to your mind when you think of Germany? For me, many things pop up. Whether it is the magnificent castles, mugs of beer, juicy sausages, beaches, frosty forests, historic districts, thriving art scene or the untamed nightlife, the modern Germany offers much more, bringing frequent holidaymakers for ravishing holidays to Germany. You can find a Robin Hood forest and a Snow White castle almost everywhere.  My aim is to allure first-timers more than the returning visitors do.

Moreover, if you are looking for some enlivening Christmas markets, Germany is the best. The more you explore Germany, the deeper you keep going into its wonders. Unbelievably, Germany is an awesome budget-friendly city to save some Euros. Here is the list of top Christmas markets in Germany. Go for it before the year ends.

  • Berlin WeihnachtsZauber
  • Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market
  • Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt
  • Munich Christmas Market
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber Reiterlesmarkt
  • Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market
  • Konstanz Christmas Market
  • Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

If you talk about hotels, it is 10-30 EUR per night for a dorm and 50 EUR for a private room. The food world of Germany is vast and cheap. All you outdoor food lovers, you can relish bratwurst and some amazing sausages for 2-5 EUR, beer and meals for 8-13 EUR and a sandwich for 5 EUR. McDonald’s will cost around 6-7 EUR. What about a nice meal along with beer in a nice little restaurant? Well, that will be around 20 EUR.

Germany is huge and there are endless things to see, do and experience. Somehow, I have managed to list down the top things you can do. Let us begin by exploring the capital city Berlin. Amazing history and modish neighbourhoods are the talks of the town. Great bars, great food, emit a great vibe. Right from museums to Europe’s fabulous nightlife, Berlin is astonishing and cheap.

Do forests entice you? If yes, hiking the Black Forest is extremely rewarding. Situated near the French border, the forest got its name due to the grim and tall pine trees. For hikers, there is an expanded trail, which is worth hiking. Spend some time at the towns on way and relish typical German food.

Looking for something more trendy and upscale? Munich is the big brother of Berlin. Teeming with parks, beer halls, tiny streets, royal architecture and surfing, it is an amazing destination worth exploring. Did you hear me say surfing? Yup…surfing!!! Try surfing in the middle of Munich, at Eisbach, a small channel coming out from River Isar. Surfers have been flocking to this place since the 1970s. Once you try it out here, there is no turning back.

Hanover is another stunning destination, though underrated. It is stunning because of its extensive green areas, the Leine River and dense forests. You also get to explore buildings surviving since WWII and a few other iconic landmarks.

Have you heard about the Neuschwanstein Castle? It seems that this majestic castle popped out of a fairy tale. This was modelled as a Disney Castle, perched on a hill surrounded by forests.

How can we forget Frankfurt? This is another amazing German city; home to numerous restaurants, historic structures, the largest exhibition hall in the world and museums.

I am sure you are looking for beaches and I am coming to that. Forget Spain or even Greece, Germany has beaches that can make you forget the others. If you are planning your beach getaway, you can avail cheap beach holidays 2017/2018. July and August offer the best time to take a dip into the Baltic coasts. To avoid the crowd, May or June is the best time to leisure out on the German beaches. Here is a look at the top German beaches:

  • Sylt
  • Bay of Lübeck
  • Usedom
  • Peter-Ording
  • Amrum
  • Hiddensee
  • Rügen

No doubt, Germany has strongly established itself as an exceptional travel destination. In case you wonder why this imposing country has much more to it than the eye can see. For sudden desires of the holiday, you can book last minute city breaks and enjoy a good deal to this multifarious country.

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