Not only being the third largest island in the Mediterranean but also, one with the most diverse landscape and enthralling natural beauty, Cyprus is the favourite destination of the tourists and every year invite, around three million people to its home, who fall in love with the island as soon as they visit it. There are also some interesting facts associated with Cyprus that one should be aware of before planning cheap holidays to Cyprus.

Cyprus enjoys 320 days of Sunshine a Year

Cyprus,Kato village

This Mediterranean island is far-famed for its climate which is of tropical type and hence one can have a surplus intake of Vitamin D when on a visit to this enchanting place. Cyprus enjoys eight months of sun-drenched days and even in the winter months, the temperature doesn’t go below 17-18 degrees.

Cyprus is one of the most popular dive sites in the world


The Zenobia region is one of the ten most important sites of shipwrecks in the world. Every year many divers make way to Larnaka Sea to dive in the midst of 1980 wreckage and encounter the wildlife. Every year this wreck receives an average of more than 40,000 visitors.

Cyprus is the home to the oldest wine in the whole world

old wine

Cyprus boasts of being the manufacturer of the oldest wines in the world. One such example is the Commandaria, which is a sweet dessert wine and has it’s origins back in 2000 BC. This wine is listed in the Guinness World Records and was once titled as the “Apostle of wines” by King Phillipe of France. Commandaria got its name after the region it was produced in.

Rare species of Orchid

black orchid

Cyprus is definitely a paradise for flower fans as it has around 20 unusual species of wildflowers and orchids that boom in full swing during the spring. One can find them around the hillsides and the wooded areas to treat their senses.

An Island of Cats

Cyprus cat

Cyprus is well acclaimed as the island of cats and lot many cats, even higher in number than the people there. As the legend goes, a huge bulk of cats were sent to the island by St. Helena, due to the massive problem of snakes over here, but the cats found this land of Cyprus so interesting that they didn’t want to leave the place and go.

The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was gifted Cyprus by Roman General Mark Antony


Both Mark Antony and Cleopatra are remembered as ill-fated lovers who had fallen a victim of very dramatic and blood-spattered battle. During the period of commencement of their love advances, King Antony gifted the island of Cyprus to the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. It was indeed a most romantic gift that was marked in the history of the world.

Cyprus got its Olympic Medal in 2012

Cyprus won the Olympic medal in London Olympic Games, 2012. A sailor of Cyprus, Pavlos Kontides, won the silver medal in the Men’s Laser category, which was quite near to the gold won by Tom Slingsby, an Australian sailor.

Hope, this birthplace of Aphrodite and Bronze Age tombs must have surprised you with these interesting facts that many people are still unaware of. If you too wish to visit this wonderland for a cheap city break or planning for cheap beach holidays then this is the right time to hit the place as Holiday Desire is offering unbeatable holiday deals to Cyprus.   



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