Regardless the number of times people are told to avoid famous cities like Paris during peak summer season, there are gazillions of people who do not have an option. In other words, a summer trip to Paris will still be splendid. After all, you can catch a glimpse of different fairs, events and festivals all over the city.

Paris brims with culture, mixed with modern and ancient traditions. Year round, the French capital city offers a treasure of fairs, events, and festivals to keep you entertained on your toes.

Right from famous exhibitions, key sporting events, flamboyant festivals, food and fashion fairs and musical concerts, here is a selection of the famous fairs and festivals of Paris. Get ready to be happy, fat and drunk.

1. Banlieues Bleues | March & April

Banlieues Bleues
Banlieues Bleues (Source)

Held in March and April, the Music and Jazz festival is counted among the popular festivals in Paris that are going around for more than 35 years. More than a festival, it is considered as a celebration of jazz music and its history.

This annual 35-day festival is full of international jazz, funk, soul, flamenco that will leave you astounded. This festival takes place in Seine-St-Denis, which is located outside Paris.


2. Marathon de Paris | April

Marathon of Paris
Marathon of Paris (Source)

Nothing can be more entertaining than watching colourful band of runners take part in the Marathon de Paris. With a loud cheer, the spectators encourage these ardent and enthusiast runners every April.

If you are brave enough, you can join the 40,000 runners, but be sure to enrol much in advance. No wonder, the entire city of Paris is engulfed in an energetic atmosphere.


3. Le Tour de France | July

le tour de france
Le Tour de France (Source)

Well, this event does not need much introduction. However, this is one of the most popular festivals in Paris. For those of you living under a rock, the Le Tour de France is a cycling event that takes place in July.

If you are planning to experience this grand event, expect a big crowd at Place de la Concorde to see the winner cover 2,175 miles and come out with flying colours.

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4. Rock en Seine | Aug

rock en seine
Rock en Seine (Source)

Wow, there is finally a rock festival that has the power to sweep the ground of our feet. It takes place in the park of Château de Saint-Cloud just outside the city. Admire and groove to all the modern songs and cheer at the artists performing. No wonder, it is one of the top festivals of Paris.

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5. Paris, Quartier d’Ete | July & August

Paris, Quartier d'Ete
Paris, Quartier d’Ete (Source)

This is one of Paris’s biggest festivals, which introduces best rock bands and future ballet dancers. A grand procession, dance, and music are the ingredients of this wide city festival. The best part – all of it is free!

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6. Bastille Day (Fete Nationale) | July

bastille day paris
Bastille Day or La Fête Nationale (Source)

Everyone anticipates Paris Fairs and Festivals dates eagerly. Every 14th of July, entire France observes the Bastille Day as a grand party. Since the Bastille is located in Paris, this is something to behold. The night before, there is a fest of amazing dances. Apart from the celebrations, visitors can also indulge in Fireman’s Balls free. The best things about this festival are famous DJs, bands and inexpensive drinks.

If you look at the history of Bastille, this was once the place of bloodshed, which is now a huge musical and dance platform. The fest begins with a parade and ends with fireworks.

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7. Circus of Tomorrow Fair | January

circus of tomorrow fair paris
Circus of Tomorrow Fair (Source🙂

Circus of Tomorrow Fair is one of the most beautiful festivals in Paris. Held every year in the month of January at the Pelouse de Reuilly, the Circus of Tomorrow Fair or the Cirque du Soleil sees budding circus artists perform jaw-dropping skills. You will get to see performers from all over the world displaying their acts one by one. The spirit shows a healthy and friendly competition and errors are not welcomed.

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8. Antique Books Fair | March

Antique Books Fair paris
Antique Books Fair Paris (Source)

This is one of the major events in Paris. You may not know that this is a flea market where locals and traders set up stalls and pretty-looking tables to sell used books. So, are you a book lover? You can visit this fair for a week and go back to those days when you loved turning the pages of your favourite book.

9. St Patrick’s Day | March

st patrick's day paris
st Patrick’s day Paris (Source)

This might be an Irish festival, but St. Patrick is a big thing in Paris. The city is full of bars, pubs and party venues that get highly crowded and electrifying. The best part is – you do not have to go far to find your kind of amusement and entertainment.

Street processions, dances, food, and drinks are in plenty. Just check out St. Christopher’s and see what special things are in store for you.

10. Le Printemps Des Rues | May

le printemps des rues
le printemps des rues (Source)

A popular street art festival, the Le Printemps Des Rues has been around in the city of Paris for 20 years. It is a 2-day fest held near the Canal Saint-Martin and for these 2 days, visitors are entertained with live performances, classical concerts, competitions and more.

11. Villette Sonique | May

Villette Sonique
Villette Sonique (Source)

Villette Sonique is a favourite among music lovers. Speckled all over Paris, the celebrations deliver amazing surprises featuring performance and new artists. Do not forget to picnic at the venue park. No doubt, it is one of the best festivals in Paris.

12. Les Pestacles | June

les pestacles festival
Les Pestacles Festival (Source)

This event is a bumper family occasion held in the Parc Floral for almost 15 years. With shows such as workshops, concerts and street art, there are more activities than one can imagine. If your kids come along, there are events and sessions for them too.

13. Download Festival | June

Download Festival Paris
Download Festival Paris (Source)

Held in June every year, the Download Festival is one of the top summer festivals in Paris. It is usually a rock festival that takes place at the open Air Force grounds. This festival is an electrifying event that should not be missed.

14. Play Me, I’m Yours | July

Play Me, I’m Yours (Source)

20 street pianos are installed in several places at the Jardin d’Acclimatation and all you’ve to do is get on the ‘self-service’ mode and enjoy playing them for free. What began as a musical gesture in Paris, has already been going around the world during these recent days.

15. Festival Fnac Live | July

festival fnac live
Festival Fnac Live:  (Fnac Live 2016 ©Christophe Crénel: Source)

Visitors from all over flock to Paris to enjoy a series of electro, rock and pop concerts for almost 6 years now. If you happen to be in Paris in the month of July, drop in to enjoy a mix of musical genre unlike any.

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