Corfu is not only staggering with its panoramic landscapes, specific architecture and enticing food, which is strangely economical. With cheap city breaks to Europe, explore more than you can imagine.

Things in Corfu cost half than other European regions. Being one of the most popular summer destinations, visitors from all around the globe flock to the famous islands just for the glittering sun and the history that lurks behind One should visit Corfu in the spring to experience these cities. You will definitely love Corfu. It is warm, pocket-friendly to great cuisine, jolly locals and jovial festivals, amazing weather and fewer crowds. The average daytime temperature stays around 23°C, with 8 hours sunshine.


The north-east part of Corfu offers a perfect setting for families and young travellers. Compared to the rest, this part is comfortable. There are plenty enchanting seaside villages with a good choice of affordable hotels, huts and resorts. However, where can one stay?

  • Siorra Vittoria
  • Villa De Loulia
  • House on the Rocks
  • Kokkokila
  • Cavalieri Hotel
  • Vinita and Zografia
  • Corfu Palace


The Greeks live for food. The restaurants will cost about EUR 20 for an amazing dinner, even in the tourist localities. A luxurious meal will cost you around 30 EUR. Cheap meals such as a Gyro (kebab) will cost you around 3 EUR. Have a look at the best places to eat in Corfu:

  • Old Fortress – Greek and European dishes
  • Maestro – Amazing seafood delicacies
  • Cavalieri Hotel Roof Garden – International cuisine with amazing views
  • Etrusco – Award-winning spot for Greek and Italian dishes
  • Taverna Tripa – Enjoy wine and meaty dishes
  • Akrotiri Café – Wide selection for brunch with sea views
  • YogArt – A variety of yoghurt
  • Klimataria – Unique smells and flavours
  • Pyramid Restaurant – Enjoy Mediterranean delights
  • Ristorante Del Sole – Relish a wealth of seafood 

Begin your exploration

THE ACROPOLIS – Situated in Athens, this majestic temple is a fantastic place to know about the history of Athens as you get to explore the ancient ruins and the view of the city. During summer, the place swarms with visitors, but sadly, there are few structures that always under renovation.

THE PAST – Corfu is where the western civilization began and everywhere you turn your head, you will find only ruins. During the summer, the place floods with tourists. Beginning with museums, head towards the Acropolis and the other ruins, and then set off to discover Crete, Delphi and other cities.

EXPLORE BEACHES – Well, everyone knows that Corfu islands are the best in the world. Starting from Crete to Corfu and Santorini, you can experience cheap beach holidays unlike any. Soak yourself in the golden sun, get playful on the white sands, and relax in one of the white and blue homes. Couples love Santorini and Los, as these two places are known to flourish with parties and young tourists.

FESTIVALS – With cheap family holidays, Witness the Hellenic Festival every summer in Athens. The city is in an uproar with performances and concerts, including the performance of ancient Greek tales and events. These shows are one of the top events in the city. You will watch in amazement as to how the Greeks take pride in their past.

OLYMPIA – Explore the ruins of Olympia, the place where the renowned games had its beginning. Do not miss the Temple of Zeus.

CORFU SUN – With last minute holiday deals, face the sun in Corfu as the place here is quite sunny, and the west coast is a good place to enjoy beach activities and a view of the horizon. 


Ferries and boats will be at your service most of the time as the islands in Corfu are profuse. You will spend 36 EUR per trip, from one island to the other. Buses and trains are around 20 EUR hence Corfu was accounted as one of the best cheap beach holidays destination 2017/2018.


In last minute city breaks, visiting the ancient sites in and around Corfu will allow you to spend between 10-20 EUR. Activities such as kayaking, banana boats and parasailing will cost you around 22-24 EUR.

Money Saving Tips

Gyros and several street snacks will cost you few Euros, and they can keep you active and happy the whole day. When you cannot ride the train, rent a moped, as they are much cheaper than a car, and the best way to see the town.

The inter-island ferries can be pricey if you visit the islands frequently. Boarding the overnight ferries can save you up to half the normal price. The catch is, if you book these ferries two months in advance, you can save 25% on the cost of tickets.

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