Abu Dhabi, the name itself flaunts flamboyance beyond imagination. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates but is less recognized than its illustrious neighbor Dubai. Despite, this fact it doesn’t make it lesser in popularity as Abu Dhabi excels in offering unique opportunities to engage it’s visitors. With its ideal location in the Arabian Peninsula, Abu Dhabi is gaining recognition over the time, owing to superior infrastructure with unique amalgamation of culture and tradition.

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Those who are planning low cost holidays to Abu Dhabi can go with the 3 days itinerary to this astonishing place as delineated further. We bet that you will be awestruck with the rich splendor and Emirati style of hospitality. A 3 day itinerary is ideal for an excursion and full exploration of Abu Dabhi with ample time to relax in between. Hence, we have ensured that when you return from Abu Dhabi holidays you are refreshed, recharged and re-energized.

Abu Dhabi Itinerary – Day 1

Book With Holiday desire and be ready for city tour with Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Service


It would be a great idea to begin the exciting city tour with a Hop-On Hop-Off bus service that is a perfect way to explore the various attractions of the city. A 1 day ticket could be availed at any time from the origin bus stop or any in between till the lost bus stop. Explore the whole city at your own will, spending as much time as you wish at your favorite spots thus enabling complete freedom for yourself to engage in your favorite activity. These buses are available at the stops every half an hour. It is advised to plan your day early for the adventure.

Etihad Tower


A glimpse of this spectacular towering structure will give you the idea of great grandeur of Abu Dhabi. These structures look quite glorious in morning as the day light hits its glossy blue surface. If one wish they can go till the top on the observation deck of the 74th floor to have a magnificent bird eye’s view of the whole city.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This grand mosque is the true representation of UAE’s history and culture. This mosque was named after the great president of the nation and is the largest in UAE. It would be interesting to gulp a dose of history as you saunter through the walkways and marvelously designed gold and marble pillars that lead to the chief prayer hall. Once you are inside the hall be prepared to get swayed off by the sheer brilliance of the infrastructure and décor which is displayed in its beautiful Iranian carpet and the few of the largest crystal chandeliers in the world. Be the Arabic style minarets or the striking contrast of the white domes with the clear blue sky at the backdrop and soothing pools on both sides of the entrance, this mosque will surely provide you peace and fill you with gratitude for the Almighty.

Galleria & Rosewood


This luxury apartment and shopping mall reflects the obsession of the people of UAE for opulence. Here at Galleria one is advised to visit the beautiful waterfront at the back as you will get a dazzling view of the Abu Dhabi skyline from this point. This would probably be your journey break of Hop On – Hop Off and your stomach will start craving for food by the time you reach this point so delight your taste buds with sumptuous cuisine at some renowned restaurants nearby.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

corniche_abu dhabi

The stretch of sea beach that goes beyond 8km extends along the Abu Dhabi Corniche Road. It is a thing of extreme succor to leave the hustle-bustle of city life and take solace at the pristine beach amid the heart of the town. With Holiday Desire’s special offers, there is much to enjoy at exceptionally safe bathing areas, play areas and restaurants of the place. One can either choose to take a dip in the cool waters or just loiter around at the beach.

 WTC Souk

world trade center souk

WTC Souk is the shopping mall which is built in an out fashioned Emirati market, also known as the Souk. Even if you are not very interested to visit the mall, just be at the place to get an idea about how the residents of UAE used to do shopping in the olden days. The stuff that they purchased was jewellery, carpets, spices and herbs of all kind. A visit to this market will surely take you back in time.

 Heritage Village


A Heriatge Village is quite a replica of the ancient traditional village whre one can have a glimpse of the various shops, forms of craftsmanship – carpentry, metal work or pottery . This heritage Village will indeed suffice your thirst for culture.

The Hop on – Hop Off tour of Abu Dhabi culminates with a traditional Boat Cruise or Dhow trip along the Corniche. There are 4 cruises that depart daily at different timings like 10:30am, 11:30am, 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm from stop no.15. As the cruise happens during the day time one gets an ample amount of clear view of Abu Dhabi skyline passing by the towering building.

Another fascinating cruise option is the Dhow Cruise that takes you along the Corniche road, gliding along the Abu Dhabi skyline on wooden boats or striking dhow. This cruise starts from 8pm till 10pm for two hours. The specialty of the cruise is that here you are offered a lavish 3 course meal that is served on board, chiefly the scrumptious middle east cuisine that could be enjoyed with the wonderful view outside. The starting and ending point of this cruise is Marina Mall.

Abu Dhabi Itinereray – Day 2

Spend the day on Yas Island


Being accustomed to the mesmerizing beauty of Abu Dhabi by the second day, it would be the time for some adventure on the second day. So gear up and be ready for the show at Yas Island which is an approximate 30 minutes drive from Abu Dhabi. Yas Island harbors the Yas Waterworld and Ferrari World which are both exciting ventures to try out. Begin the day at Ferrari Park which is the world’s first Ferrari themed amusement park with more than 20 unique rides, ranging from fast to furious. Fastest roller-coaster in the world awaits you here. There are several rides besides that which could be enjoyed for a full adrenal stimulation. Spending half day at Ferrari Park it’s time to hop over the Yas Waterworld which is a sensory delight for people. It is an Emirati themed aquapark with more than 40 thrilling rides for you to choose from. There is much to play, splashing around water on rides like crazy tomato water slide, hanging roller coasters and other thrill based water rides. Both Ferrari Park and Yas Waterworld should be a must on your Abu Dhabi itinerary as these make a great combo for an exciting and fun filled day well spent.

Abu Dhabi Itinerary – Day 3

The third or the last day should be easy going and the one engaged in collecting memories and souvenirs for the loved ones to take back home as they will surely ask for. Enjoy to the maximum on this day and explore the city at your convenience.

Indulge in local shopping

local shopping

What about some retail therapy to start your day? I am sure the idea would surely delight the ladies and men alike. Marina Mall is the appropriate place where you can find everything under one roof. It is in fact a galleria for top brands, movie theatre and nonetheless an ice skating rink to give you a complete holiday package along with shopping opportunities and eating options as there are some very good restaurants  in house. If you wish to peek-a-boo back in time then there are several old school markets called the Souks which will fetch you some handcraft stuff, herbs, spices and perfumes of all kinds. At the Fish Souk you will get the opportunity to get a glance of fish trading, in the Emirati way at the main port, Mina Zayed. On crossing the road you will come at Al Mina Fruit and Vegetable Souk, a vivacious market that is inundated with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and dates. A carpet souk could also be found at close vicinity to buy some colorful carpets, rugs and cushions.

Enjoy a Royal Escapade to the Emirates Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace Hotel is the shining sword in the armor, a defining landmark in Abu Dhabi. This question might be hovering over your mind that what is the need to include a hotel in the trip itinerary. The reason behind this is the larger than life disposition of the place. Splendid, affluent and awe-inspiring; these and many such synonyms would be less to describe the beauty, effervescence and grandeur of the hotel. Even you have not booked with the hotel,

The interiors of the hotel are a sight to behold as it is bejeweled in gold, pearl and crystals. Even if you have not booked with the hotel then also you can make a reservation with the any one of the restaurants and can enjoy lip smacking meal along with a walk in the premises of the hotel..  The best time to visit this Palace is during the evening and night as at that time the interiors lit up with thousands of light and crystal chandeliers. The whole scenario creates a magical ambiance altogether.  When you are at this amazing palace hotel don’t miss the gold leaf covered cappuccino as this would definitely be a memory to remember for life.

With this, the 3 days adventure and excitement packed holiday trip to Abu Dhabi will end. If you were of the notion till now that a trip to UAE means visiting Dubai only then after reading this many things would have been cleared and hope it would definitely help you in planning Abu Dhabi holidays for 2018.

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