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Venice holidays
The 1st Day As soon as we arrived in Venice on the second day of the last week it was already 9pm at night. Immediately after checking in the hotel and being greeted with a welcome drink, we headed for the dinner. After dinner, as we were searching for someplace to get drinks, we ended up at a square which...
Holidays to Cyprus
Wise Interchange of Pounds to Euros: - The exchange rate of pounds to Euros is better now than it was earlier. The money exchange should be done at a bank and not at the hotel you are staying in, to get the best rate. While using ATMs to get the Euros, be careful that a service charge is applied...
Prague holiday city breaks
The Czech capital city of Prague, no doubt, is the idyllic, romantic wonder, lurking in the grayish shadows of the ancient and modern. Tourists, mainly couples who wish to enjoy short breaks in Prague, often flock to the city for memorable holidays in Prague. Such lovebirds and newlywed couples make frequent visits to Prague to soak up the culture and...
Well known as the Europe’s meeting place, Austria has an unfathomable enormity of culture, colourful landscapes, imperial architecture and international flavour. Since time immemorial, Austria has exhibited a special role, being placed at the centre of Europe; as a site of cultural switch, as a meeting venue, trade exchange and as a link between other European destinations. If you...


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