Well known as the Europe’s meeting place, Austria has an unfathomable enormity of culture, colourful landscapes, imperial architecture and international flavour. Since time immemorial, Austria has exhibited a special role, being placed at the centre of Europe; as a site of cultural switch, as a meeting venue, trade exchange and as a link between other European destinations. If you wish to breathe in the fresh mountain air or just to enjoy the remarkable scenic beauty, exited to visit the sophisticated art galleries or to see the striking architectural edifices, then the cities of Austria should be your first choice.
If you are fed up of the cheap beach holidays,  then plan for cheap city breaks to Europe. Here is a list of few of my favourites:-

No second thought for Vienna! This capital of Austria undoubtedly tops the list. Being the one most close to the Austrian life, the beautiful city of Vienna is throbbing with all the excitement required on a trip; musical shows, operas, ballets, art galleries, majestic palaces, striking museums, are few to mention. In Vienna you will observe a typical fusion of historical architecture and contemporary life-style.

This small but attractive town is often acclaimed as one of the most beautiful places in Austria, as it overlooks the tranquil waters of Hallstat Lake. It also offers you amazing opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, boating and other thrills. Other places worth visiting in the city are Beinhaus, the famous bone house, the salt and ice caves etc`

Salzburg, for sure, is the place for music fans. The sound of music lures the people to travel to this astounding destination with 70% of overseas visitors. The place gives you it’s own version of music on it’s sound and musical tour. Also overflowing with a vast array of galleries, museums, inter-cuisine restaurants and shopping arenas, Salzburg truly lives up to the expectations of the tourists.

Alpbach has always been the most hyped village in Austria, and the whole credit goes to it’s enthralling beauty which is attributed to the ideal location of the place amid the group of snow capped mountains which gives access to the best ski slopes. The Alpbach village is full of appealing wooden farm houses, cattle fields and art factories that have employed skilled natives in traditional craft.

The beautiful picturesque road called the Grossglockner Alpine, is definitely worth a visit. The striking road leads to bosom of the Hohe Tauern National Park, as well as up the heights of Grossglockner, the tallest mountain in Austria. This road gives the awesome experience to explore the Austrian landscape at its best, as it will make you pass through the alpine meadows, sheer cliffs, and rice plains.
The most imposing medieval castle in Austria is the Hochosterwitz Castle and it has rightly earned the recognition, standing high on the top of Dolomite rock formation. In between the time of Easter and end of October every year, visitors are allowed to visit inside certain parts of the castle. Tourists are permitted to walk along the entire 620 meter pathway through fourteen fascinating gates before ending up at the stunning frontage of the castle.
It is an alpine lake in the state of Carinthia which is the fifth largest and one of the most stunning on the entire land of Austria. It has sparkling blue water. The lake itself attracts numerous tourists with ample of activities like bathing, fishing, boating etc. Here people just sit back, relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature.
Hope, the above description of the European city breaks would help you plan your vacations. For more information on last minute city breaks, you can check our website. It would be our pleasure serving you.


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