Amsterdam is counted among the best nightlife destinations in Europe. There is so much diversity in this gorgeous city that it will suffice something for every taste. Whether you relish an exotic dinner by the canal, dance to your favourite music beats in a nightclub or enjoy some cocktails in a rooftop bar, the uniqueness and affluence of Amsterdam will keep you bewitched.

Many people are still of a notion that Amsterdam is all about getting high with Marijuana but there is much more which you will explore on your cheap city breaks to Amsterdam.


Best Place for Partygoers

Regardless of your interest in a live rock band, a fantastic jazz show or something more alluring, Amsterdam is party ready every single day of the week. Here are some party basics in Amsterdam that one must be aware of.


During the weekdays, the cafes and bars in the centre of the city remain open until 1 am and during weekends until 3 am. This may extend to 3am on weekdays and sometimes go beyond 4am on weekends. The special classification of bars called the ‘Natchcafes’ (night cafes) are open the whole night. So, it is essential to check the timings of the club while you are planning a night out in Amsterdam

Dress Codes & Age Limits

In general casual wear Jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops or sneakers are quite common in Amsterdam’s bars and clubs provided that you are poised, orderly and presentable. Hitting the clubs in big groups, that too of men or being oddly fashioned like wearing ripped jeans or funky caps can abstain your entry. Only a few of the clubs like Escape and Jimmy Woo adhere to strict guidelines of dress codes. If we talk about minimum age to enter these clubs, then it should be at least 18 years in general with an exception of 21 years also in certain clubs.

Which Places to Hit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Music fest

There are many popular clubs in Amsterdam that are located on the outskirts of the city, but the nightlife in Amsterdam is majorly clustered around two areas of Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. There are a variety of venues that include bars, nightclubs and casual pubs that are most hyped among the college students. Leidseplein offers a great diversity of live music avenues like Amsterdam Arena, Heineken Music Hall and the Ziggo Dome. Along with these, there are few comfortable Irish nightclubs too. Here, you can also find an array of clubs in other areas of the town, when you are on Amsterdam Holidays. If you are looking for Gay and Lesbian bars and clubs then you can hunt for them anywhere as they are scattered throughout the city with major dominance near the areas of Reguliersdwarstraat and Warmoestraat.

In short, to indulge in the sheer experience of throbbing nightlife, Amsterdam is a place which must not be left out of the European holidays‘ list.









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