The Czech capital city of Prague, no doubt, is the idyllic, romantic wonder, lurking in the grayish shadows of the ancient and modern. Tourists, mainly couples who wish to enjoy short breaks in Prague, often flock to the city for memorable holidays in Prague.

Such lovebirds and newlywed couples make frequent visits to Prague to soak up the culture and vistas of the most romantic city in Europe.

Tourists love to escape, take a walk around the city, enjoy a palatable dining and wander off to some romantic hot spot for some quality time with each other. Apart from castles, horse-drawn carriages, candle-lit dinners, breweries, museums, gardens and architecture, the city boasts of something far more appealing that will make you fall in love.

Romance and beer is a serious matter in the Land of 100 Spires. Innovative and independent pubs and microbreweries can be unveiled from the back streets.

  1. The Dancing House:

The art of beer making is taken very seriously, and in recent years, a unique and exciting trend has developed – microbreweries popping in various places and crevices of the city. These intriguing caves highly specialize in home-produced lagers tempting couples for a pint. Such places are always crammed with guzzling locals who have grown tired of their mundane life.Prague weekend breaks As a traveller, you would not resist Prague weekend breaks to delve into these much-talked attractions in this stunning city, especially at The Dancing House. Can these beer dens really match up to the affluent and famous Slovak and Czech beers? Surely, your partner would love the intimacy with mugs of beers.

2. U Tri Jelinku Restaurant and Bistro

Ahead of the main shopping street, this hub is the surprising vicinity of Prague. The three-storied gigantic pub came into being in 2010, and since then it strives to create and recreate the magic, drawing beer couples to the original look-alike brewery of 1477, that was demolished. The newer establishment combines modern brewing methods with old recipes giving a tinted colour formation of dark and light forms.

On your Prague breaks, imagine sitting on the second floor with your partner in the dim and dusky ambience, surrounded with old Texas-styled design and an old map of Europe. Visitors usually choose the darker option and order mouth-watering dishes, served with bread, radish and mustard. It’s purely a lovers treat!

3. Kampa Park

It’s gorgeous and boasts of stunning views of a huge windmill dating back to the 15th century. Families and couples are seen enjoying some time among the lush environment with Prague holiday city breaks. The park also has a restaurant with fast food, European delicacies to sample and bizarre graffiti.

Prague breaks

4. Zamocky Pivovar

At Zamocky, a group of lovers seems to gather around the Gothic built castle. It is located just 200m down the slope, very close to the city walls. The hub offers a modern look with a dark-wooden interior with simple tables. The centre of attraction is the huge beer tank clustered around with smokers.

5. The Petrin

With short breaks to Prague, couples will love the cosier affair at Petrin. Arrive in a horse-drawn carriage to pamper your beloved. The place is decked out like wooden mountain cabins where life is celebrated to the full.

You’ll be enthralled with the setup in here: sheepskin rug, farmer’s tool, wooden benches and waiters in traditional outfits. The Czech brew is famed as Pressburg, full of flavour with yeasty ale and an iota that is heavier than the average pint. Newlywed couples will surely find heaven at this place with cheap city breaks to Prague. Perfect place to raise a toast!

6. North Bohemia

Prague restaurants not only offer the best cuisine and crowd, they also create that perfect moment to steal a kiss. Not to forget the very best of Prague nature where one can find more peace and romance. Move away from the city to soak up the beautiful countryside and be enveloped in its brilliance.

Prague holiday city breaks

Cruising around North Bohemia is a unique experience that lures people to take city breaks to Prague. Gather some of the best memories in a 4×4 vehicle and explore the northern parts of the city.

7. Charles Bridge & Shooter’s Island

Bridges can stir a romantic passion too. Movies such as A Bridge on the River Kwai and Gone with the Wind inspire couples worldwide to capture shots of bridges along with them. The Charles Bridge is one of the most popular bridges in Europe, dating 700 years.

short breaks to PragueDespite being crowded, the bridge never fails to attract people. You can witness artists and musicians adding a spark to your romance. You would not mind grabbing a hot coffee and walking hand-in-hand with your partner during the evening.

8. Omama Shop Cafe

The university area of Prague may not be as alluring as the city center, but it does boast of some isolated spots. The Omama offers lip-smacking munchies and soft music to melt hearts. If you’ve broken up with your partner or wish to propose, this is the best place.

with cheap city breaks to PragueEvery inch of the wall is covered with European graffiti, a grand piano sits in one of the rooms and the tables are engraved with receipts. Overall, the cafe radiates warmth and a satisfying ambience.

All couples out there, the Czech capital is about not only art, architecture and scenic locations. When the sun goes down the city has a dazzling array of amazing places: large restaurants to sample the best along with other international cuisines. With Prague holiday city breaks mix in with the crowd and hear amazing tales of the traditional city.

9. Prague Castle

Castles and cathedrals have been taking breaths away since their inception. Right after checking into the hotels, couples head up to the castle to marvel at the sunset. Get your minds blown with this architectural masterpiece and the sunset.

Prague holiday city breaks With Prague weekend breaks, do not forget to wander around the town square surrounding the castle for an even more dreamy, fairytale experience. Spending noontime at the town square and gradually shifting into the evening is a magical experience.

10. Vintage Car Road Trip:

Prague has romance written all over and the list of romantic things to do in Prague is endless. You need not openly display your affection. Try something else, like a vintage car ride. Hire an open vintage car and drive down the charming streets towards the countryside. If it’s winters, snuggle together at the back of the car. Need we say more?

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