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How to save more on your trip to Paphos

Holidays to Cyprus
Holidays to Cyprus

Wise Interchange of Pounds to Euros: – The exchange rate of pounds to Euros is better now than it was earlier. The money exchange should be done at a bank and not at the hotel you are staying in, to get the best rate. While using ATMs to get the Euros, be careful that a service charge is applied to every transaction. One may also take the services of a currency specialist before actual arrival to the destination. Changing money at the airports should be avoided as the rates are greatly reduced.

Seek out for Tavernas for eating out, where the locals go:- Experience eating at the local eating joints to relish real Cypriot cooking with fresh ingredients rather than having the deep frozen stuff. You can even check the nearby famous restaurants to avoid being disappointed. Fresh organic products could also be purchased from the local markets here. Fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available round the year in Cyprus.

The cafes in the prime tourist locations should be avoided while stopping for Coffee:- It’s solely your choice. Whether you want to sit by the harbour and enjoy your coffee with a great view or want to look for some cheaper option in the shopping streets of Paphos. If you want your coffee to cost you almost half the price than that in the costly restaurants and cafes then the villages like Peyia or Tala will do the needful.

Hire a local car for getting around: – While organised coach trips and taxis have become a costly affair now, renting a car could be of great value for money. Don’t let the stories of Cypriot drivers put you off. Use your common sense to explore from the rest of the possibilities.

Take the off beaten Track:- To enjoy Cyprus to it’s fullest, stay at Sea Caves, Agios Georgios, Coral Bay or Secret Valley. Take the way to your favourite scenic spot or spend the day at any of the stunning beaches in Cyprus but do remember to hire a car to commute easily to every destination. You can also avail the offers and discounts as they are easily available on many hotels and good restaurants. Getting the whole trip to Paphos booked with a reputed travel agent in UK like Holiday Desire is also a good idea.

Plan your Holidays:- The Phaphos Aphrodite Waterpark is much fun for kids of all age groups. You can take the help of free shuttle bus service to commute from Coral Bay and Paphos to various places. Plan your visit to renowned Paphos Archaelogical Park or interesting tombs of the kings and make sure never to leave the home without having a good breakfast.

Carry your own Stuff with You:- Being an island, everything is very expensive in Cyprus, be it the pool toys, sun hats, sunglasses, mosquito sprays etc, so it is advisable to bring the things that you require along with you, to avoid the heavy weight on your pocket.

If one keeps the above mentioned things in account while packing the luggage and booking cheap Holidays to Cyprus, then it is sure that the trip would be an enjoyable affair rather than a cumbersome journey.

My Holidays To Venice and No Gondola

Venice holidays

The 1st Day

As soon as we arrived in Venice on the second day of the last week it was already 9pm at night. Immediately after checking in the hotel and being greeted with a welcome drink, we headed for the dinner. After dinner, as we were searching for someplace to get drinks, we ended up at a square which was located at a nearby location to our hotel. Huh! The place was almost crowded with local people.

The Panoramic View

Panoramic Venice

The joy of Venice holidays started on the second day. It was soothing and our eyes loved the sights, wherever we looked and every view resembled the scene of a postcard or a beautiful painting on a clear canvas. We took our way towards the Rialto Bridge and in no time we reached our destination. Indeed it was true that all we heard about the bridge. It was really very big and offered a vast panoramic view of entire Venice. There were also many shops on the bridge where we only did window shopping, though shopping there was a huge burden on our pocket.

St.Mark’s Basilica

St. Basilica

As I am quite uncomfortable in crowded places, therefore we hardly spent a couple of hours on the bridge; the bridge was already very compact. We ran for life and landed on a small one-way street. Taking a sigh of relief we continued our walk to the beautiful alleyways and seriously we would not have minded getting lost in one of them. Taking a few more steps along the way, we unexpectedly found ourselves at the Piazza San Marco. It is the main square in the city with famous clock tower and St. Mark’s Basilica. This square is the largest in the place and one of its kinds in the whole of Venice. As far as our sight went we could only see the imposing buildings that imparted a grand and royal look to the square of Piazza Mark’s Basilica.

Ohh!! The Drink

Venice Drinks

Being thirsty by that time it wasn’t a bad idea to grab a drink from the renowned Harry’s Bar. This is actually a restaurant very unlike its name with antique interiors and offers a good variety from the international kitchen but at heavy prices. This bar has a long and a unique history attached to its name. This is the place where Bellini was invented for the first time. Bellini is a combination of fresh peach juice and sparkling wine. I took some of the pictures of the old-fashioned interior of Harry’s bar and kept it as a collection of memories.

Yeppe!! Gondola

On Gondola

Though we enjoyed our heart full till now, the most memorable part of the tour for which I was very excited. And it is always mandatory on your cheap city breaks to Venice was still left. Yes! You guessed it right. The famous Gondola ride.  At first, we were amazed at the high price of the ride, but seriously I am telling you from my personal experience the cost of the Gondola Ride was worth. As it offers an awesome experience to the tourists. We were charged almost 70 pounds for a 30 minutes ride, as we opted for a longer tour to see Casanova and Parco Polo houses.

I can bet you that the experience which you will have on this Gondola ride would be the most enthralling and quite different from all the experience during your holidays to Europe.



After the Gondola ride, in the evening we paved our way back to our hotel. As we were starving like hell, we stopped at a small and pleasant place called the Flat. It was such a charming place that it felt like we are sitting in the cosy and comfortable ambience of our home. I had my favourite pasta and hot coffee over there.

Tired and exhausted we were lying on our beds in the hotel and didn’t budge till morning. The next day it was our departure day. We boarded our flights back to London, scrolling through the pictures on the way that we clicked on our cheap city breaks.



If you are looking for the best time to visit Europe, then it should be well comprehended that it entirely depends on the purpose of your visit. Whether it is sauntering on a sandy beach under the sparkling sun or gearing up for a snowy adventure. The weather prototype of Europe generally follows four distinct seasons i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each of these seasons affects the topography of the country and as a consequence the travelling pattern of the tourists from various countries. Let’s discuss the various seasons and their impact on the same reference so that one can plan holidays to Europe as per their convenience.

Spring in Europe

Spring in Europe

This is by far the best known season to visit Europe as this is the time when flowers start booming in full swing. Landscapes look stunningly beautiful with bright splashes of colour they display. Slowly and steadily the atmosphere starts warming up as the spring season proceeds and becomes ideal for the tourists to go sightseeing, hiking and exploring the different avenues of the country. This is the great time to visit the lagoons and glaciers, Calcium Travertines at Pamukkale and Turkey’s hot springs when on a trip to this wonderland.

Summer in Europe

Summer in Europe

If you are fond of beach holidays then Europe is the perfect destination to hit during the summer months between June and August. This is so as it is the ideal time to go hiking amid the backwoods, exploring the nature and birdlife as you go and at the same time you can find some cheap beach holidays deal to Europe. It is also the best time to spot whales off the coast of Iceland and Norway. People can plan a befitting holiday under the shining sun on an exotic beach, doing deep-sea diving and swimming in the warm waters. A number of festivals and summer events are held across the European continent during these months, which offer equally exciting opportunities to plan European city break deals with a good travel agent in the UK.

Autumn in Europe

Autumn in Europe
The Dolomites

This is the time when the leaves start turning into beautiful hues of red and orange. The heat of the summer sun abates and a pleasant weather envelopes the whole country. The Autumn season lasts from September till November and is most favourable for the footfall of the tourists in this continent. People can hang around the city, exploring the captivating architecture and other attractions around the place like landscapes of Iceland and Classical sites of Turkey. The added advantage of travelling during this season is that one could find a drop in airfares as the vacations of children are over by then. Another fascinating reason is that the Northern Lights could also be seen during early September from the countries in the Arctic season.

Winter in Europe

Winter in Europe
Snow Peaks

Winter lasts from December till February in Europe is all about snow. The grassy slopes are enveloped with the thick blanket of white snow and people from all directions come to the mountains to glide down, with a set of skis and snowboard. Northern Europe no doubt steals the limelight when it comes to beauty and adventure. Here one can explore the glaciers in Norway, experience the magic of Lapland, visit spectacular sights of Russia such as Moscow’s Red Square along with many others.


A Night out in Amsterdam

Night out in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is counted among the best nightlife destinations in Europe. There is so much diversity in this gorgeous city that it will suffice something for every taste. Whether you relish an exotic dinner by the canal, dance to your favourite music beats in a nightclub or enjoy some cocktails in a rooftop bar, the uniqueness and affluence of Amsterdam will keep you bewitched.

Many people are still of a notion that Amsterdam is all about getting high with Marijuana but there is much more which you will explore on your cheap city breaks to Amsterdam.


Best Place for Partygoers

Regardless of your interest in a live rock band, a fantastic jazz show or something more alluring, Amsterdam is party ready every single day of the week. Here are some party basics in Amsterdam that one must be aware of.


During the weekdays, the cafes and bars in the centre of the city remain open until 1 am and during weekends until 3 am. This may extend to 3am on weekdays and sometimes go beyond 4am on weekends. The special classification of bars called the ‘Natchcafes’ (night cafes) are open the whole night. So, it is essential to check the timings of the club while you are planning a night out in Amsterdam

Dress Codes & Age Limits

In general casual wear Jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops or sneakers are quite common in Amsterdam’s bars and clubs provided that you are poised, orderly and presentable. Hitting the clubs in big groups, that too of men or being oddly fashioned like wearing ripped jeans or funky caps can abstain your entry. Only a few of the clubs like Escape and Jimmy Woo adhere to strict guidelines of dress codes. If we talk about minimum age to enter these clubs, then it should be at least 18 years in general with an exception of 21 years also in certain clubs.

Which Places to Hit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Music fest

There are many popular clubs in Amsterdam that are located on the outskirts of the city, but the nightlife in Amsterdam is majorly clustered around two areas of Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. There are a variety of venues that include bars, nightclubs and casual pubs that are most hyped among the college students. Leidseplein offers a great diversity of live music avenues like Amsterdam Arena, Heineken Music Hall and the Ziggo Dome. Along with these, there are few comfortable Irish nightclubs too. Here, you can also find an array of clubs in other areas of the town, when you are on Amsterdam Holidays. If you are looking for Gay and Lesbian bars and clubs then you can hunt for them anywhere as they are scattered throughout the city with major dominance near the areas of Reguliersdwarstraat and Warmoestraat.

In short, to indulge in the sheer experience of throbbing nightlife, Amsterdam is a place which must not be left out of the European holidays‘ list.









Dubai Shopping Festival, A Wonder Land For Shopping Freaks

Shopping Mall

One of the major reason that is drawing the tourists for Dubai holidays trip from all over the world, is the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival. This Mega Shopping Festival is held every year in the month of January, and this is organized by the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishments (DEPE). The entire nation is absorbed in festive fervour and witnesses culture enriching and unhindered entertainment. The DSF is not just for mere grabbing or buying things but there are so many unknown facts too which is associated with the festival:-

A Spectacular Sight to Behold

Dubai Creeks

The festival commences with an impressive display of event that exhibits Dubai’s rich culture and tradition, following which a spectacular light and sound show takes place with which the whole sky from Dubai Creek to Shindagha area illuminates in the golden glow.

Unbelievable Offers and Discounts

Many participating malls and retail outlets featuring international brands offer incredible discounts from 50% to 75%. This is a great luring attraction to take back your favourite item at cheaper rates. So, book cheap Dubai holidays right now and be a part of the great shopping carnival.

DSF is not just for shopaholics

This festival is not just for shopaholics but also for fun seekers, as this is the best time to enjoy and indulge in your favourite activity or experience something exciting and enthralling likes deep sea fishing in Dubai Marina or dune bashing and Arabian Style belly performance or style dining in one of the conventional wooden dhows. Some of the tourism organisations offer promotional discounts and other offers during the DSF for such exciting engagements.

Attractive Packages

Many travel agencies like Holiday Desire offer enticing deals and packages which facilitate the people with hassle-free travel and economic shopping during DSF. The packages generally cover city tour, hotel stay, desert safari and Dhow Cruise in Dubai.

Plethora of Delicious Food

Delicious food

In the DSF there are many restaurants and food courts that serve cultural cuisines. The famous ones are Global Village Cooking Corners that allow gripping dip of the region’s culture. This place also serves culinary delights from different regions which are worth savouring.

Health Check Opportunities

Many health check-up camps are organised by Ministry of Health that could be found outside the eminent malls and shopping avenues that enable visitors to monitor their health conditions and also enable people for timely detection of certain disorder like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity etc. These free health checkups spread awareness on such health risks and preventive measures to avoid those.

Duty-Free Shipping

It is the main reason that makes Dubai an all-time favourite shopping destination, globally. Duty-free shopping is definitely an appealing factor but it may not be cheap city breaks to Dubai when the spending pocket is considered.

Global Village Theme Park

Dubai theme park

The core of DSF is possibly the Global Village, which is an open-air theme park. It hosts more than 70 countries in more than 35 pavilions, with a large spectrum of fun rides and exhilarating shows like Chinese Circus and tightrope performances.

Heritage Activities

To make the visitors experience the rich cultural grandeur of Dubai, Dubai’s Heritage and Diving Village organizes an array of activities like folk dances, traditional performances and horse shows, which forms a bunch of entertainment for all age groups making Dubai as a perfect family holiday destination.


I Found Some Interesting Facts about Cyprus


Not only being the third largest island in the Mediterranean but also, one with the most diverse landscape and enthralling natural beauty, Cyprus is the favourite destination of the tourists and every year invite, around three million people to its home, who fall in love with the island as soon as they visit it. There are also some interesting facts associated with Cyprus that one should be aware of before planning cheap holidays to Cyprus.

Cyprus enjoys 320 days of Sunshine a Year

Cyprus,Kato village

This Mediterranean island is far-famed for its climate which is of tropical type and hence one can have a surplus intake of Vitamin D when on a visit to this enchanting place. Cyprus enjoys eight months of sun-drenched days and even in the winter months, the temperature doesn’t go below 17-18 degrees.

Cyprus is one of the most popular dive sites in the world


The Zenobia region is one of the ten most important sites of shipwrecks in the world. Every year many divers make way to Larnaka Sea to dive in the midst of 1980 wreckage and encounter the wildlife. Every year this wreck receives an average of more than 40,000 visitors.

Cyprus is the home to the oldest wine in the whole world

old wine

Cyprus boasts of being the manufacturer of the oldest wines in the world. One such example is the Commandaria, which is a sweet dessert wine and has it’s origins back in 2000 BC. This wine is listed in the Guinness World Records and was once titled as the “Apostle of wines” by King Phillipe of France. Commandaria got its name after the region it was produced in.

Rare species of Orchid

black orchid

Cyprus is definitely a paradise for flower fans as it has around 20 unusual species of wildflowers and orchids that boom in full swing during the spring. One can find them around the hillsides and the wooded areas to treat their senses.

An Island of Cats

Cyprus cat

Cyprus is well acclaimed as the island of cats and lot many cats, even higher in number than the people there. As the legend goes, a huge bulk of cats were sent to the island by St. Helena, due to the massive problem of snakes over here, but the cats found this land of Cyprus so interesting that they didn’t want to leave the place and go.

The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was gifted Cyprus by Roman General Mark Antony


Both Mark Antony and Cleopatra are remembered as ill-fated lovers who had fallen a victim of very dramatic and blood-spattered battle. During the period of commencement of their love advances, King Antony gifted the island of Cyprus to the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. It was indeed a most romantic gift that was marked in the history of the world.

Cyprus got its Olympic Medal in 2012

Cyprus won the Olympic medal in London Olympic Games, 2012. A sailor of Cyprus, Pavlos Kontides, won the silver medal in the Men’s Laser category, which was quite near to the gold won by Tom Slingsby, an Australian sailor.

Hope, this birthplace of Aphrodite and Bronze Age tombs must have surprised you with these interesting facts that many people are still unaware of. If you too wish to visit this wonderland for a cheap city break or planning for cheap beach holidays then this is the right time to hit the place as Holiday Desire is offering unbeatable holiday deals to Cyprus.   



On My Surprise Visit to Malta

beautiful Malta sight

How it Came

My visit to Malta was unplanned and as it rightly is said unplanned visits are always the best. I was actually searching for cheap beach holidays and suddenly I came across the best deal for cheap city breaks to Malta, which provoked me effectively and hence I made up my mind for Malta holidays. Booked the flight and off course my friend too, for weekend fun in Malta. On the departure day, we flew from London and landed in few hours at Malta. Wow! This was the first word which came out from my epiglottis, really the moment was amazing!

The Journey begins

As we headed towards the centre of Valletta, we discovered that it was quite different and unique in architecture than the other European countries. Malta had been long occupied by Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, French, British and many more. Hence it has an influence of all, on its language, culture and architecture.

Spending a night in a hotel, our plan was fixed for next day. Early morning we started exploring the capital of Malta. Valetta could be truly designated as the gentleman’s city. This town has broad streets, perfectly manicured lawns of elegant mansions, flanked with trees. There is much to do when one is in Malta. We started with the amazing Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg. It has glamorous interiors with dazzling treasures of Knights of St. John, worth observing on a Maltese trip. From here we walked to steep hills and visited the Upper Barrakka Gardens and then strolled down to catch a boat to Vittoriosa. Vittoriosa was quite as compared to Valetta with beautiful buildings and swaying yachts but yes, we were sweating too owing to the high temperature.

Another Surprise

For next day, our trip was planned to Gozo. Hiring a car, we moved quickly across the villages and towns of Malta and after around a short drive of fifty minutes we reached Gozo. The first thing we noticed about Gozo was that it was much greener and smaller in size than Malta. As usual, my friend was again hungry and as suggested by localities we arrived at a coastal town in Gozo called Xlendi for some lunch. The water in this small bay of Xlendi was a beautiful mix of blue and green and was inundated with swimmers and snorkelers. We had a scrumptious meal at the Boat House which is a fish restaurant with lovely ambience.

After lunch, our destination was Dwejra as we wished to see the famous ‘Azure Window’, a natural hollow of a rock that exquisitely frames the blue ocean underneath. I dared to creep across the rocks to steal a look at the window and aligned to my normal posture with difficulty on the rocky upheaval, shouting at my laughing friend. A small island sea with a lot of rock pools was an ultimate experience to explore here.

Proceeding from here, considering the little time left over, we made a quick decision for Victoria, the capital city of Gozo. Suspended on the top of this small town, is a Citadel which was built in the 15th century and was initially the centre of this Roman city.

On The Last Day

Spending a day in Gozo and exploring the attractions of this place, we headed back to from where we started. It was almost dinner time and we were having dinner at Guze Bistro in Malta around 9 pm. The food was indeed very good. We tried different delicacies and soon after dinner, both of us were lying flat on our beds due to the exhaustion of the day.

The next morning we boarded our flights back to London with lingering memories of Malta, and a wish to hit the destination soon in future. Holidays to Malta has become one of my favourite holiday spots and it would be forever.



Simple tips for booking an affordable cruise with all incluive

Affordable luxury

Cruise may seem expensive at first but with judicious planning, one can cut the expenses and plan a lavish yet economic cruise tour to their favourite destination. Just remember these few points in mind and get ready to hit the sea with Luxury Holidays.

friends in luxury cruise

Dream Destination Deal

There are many online travel agencies out there in the UK that offer highly discounted price for cruises and you can also read some travel tips for before planning your holidays. Just use your Internet to explore the same and book your package from an authentic and good company. The way to find whether the agency is genuine is to check whether it is associated with Cruise Line International Agency (CLIA) or other recognized organizations. You can ask the travel agent for travel Insurance and they can also help you with the rest of the travel plans such as airfare and transfers.

Book Well in Advance

Heavy discounts are given by the travel agencies to the people who pay well ahead, but prices keep fluctuating depending upon the occupancy rate. If you are lucky enough then you can have a better last minute city breaks as the cruise has to fill the empty staterooms but that would be sheer luck so let it be a sure shot deal, by booking early.

Off Season Discounts

The peak season tends to be from late December to March which would fetch you most expensive deals so if you plan between these months, then get prepared to bear the load on your travel budget. Fall is considered well priced in terms of cruising, though it is a hurricane season.

Must Know All Inclusive Deals

You must have proper knowledge about the inclusions in your deal to avoid last minute confusion or spoiling of mood on the deck. Some general points are like Food and entertainment are included in the package as cheap all inclusive holidays but the tips you pay are excluded. Few of the shore excursions are extra, so keep a check on what all is included.

Plan Your Own Excursion

Never keep yourself at the disposal of the planned excursions from the trip. Keep in touch with the tourist bureaus of the ports during your trip and check with what all they can offer you. You can also do your own land tour which would be more interesting and even cheaper but be cautious about your safety too in the foreign land.

Room without View

The cabins and rooms inside are just as spacious as the outside ones but cost about 60 percent less than outside one, and if you are in cruise and you do not have the view of the open sea standing by you, then it may ruin your luxurious feel.So to avoid that feeling you book your room inside and enjoy at the open deck during the fun time and you enjoy the most of it.

Ensure Saving On Airfares

There are many cruise packages that include almost everything excluding the airfare. Check in advance. Some lines will offer a lower airfare with an airline partner and it may or may not be a good deal. The only advantage of booking a flight with a cruise line partner is that if the flight is delayed they facilitate you with another medium of transport till the ship.

Research Your Choice Thoroughly

The profile, tips, images, reviews, deals and offers of Cruise Lines are available online. Compare different cruises and get the best deal for you. If you can make your cruise trip relaxing and enjoyable affair and at the same time could cut on the overall cost, then nothing would be more befitting and the vacation would be remembered forever.



You Will Never Go Hungry in Hungary


The Hungarians are famous for their wandering past and which is now too explicit in their cuisine as most of it comprises of meat (mainly poultry, pork and beef) and still, the dishes are cooked in open fire; be it the famous goulash, fisherman’s soup or the Porkoit(stew).

In the 15th century, Hungary’s kitchen was blessed with the two major components that comprise of almost every dish that is cooked today. Later on the flavour of different countries like Italy, America, Turkey etc was added to Hungarian food when the people from these counties settled in the Hungarian basin. Elements of Turkey could be tasted in many sweet dishes like the cake called Bejgli. Hungarian cuisine is best known for the variety it provides, so it is said that no one will remain hungry in Hungary as each one can find a dish of his taste regardless from which part of the world he hails from. The place is also known to have given birth to the Hortobagyi pancake, which is a savoury crepe that is filled with veal and is usually served as the starter. Another yummy dish is Slambuc, which is cooked on the open fire and made of potatoes and noodles, flavoured with good bacon. The area adjoining Lake Tisza is particularly known for its lamb stew which comprises of every part of the animal including the head, feet and even the giblets. There is also an annual lamb stew competition held in Karcag which draws a lot of people from various places to participate in this exciting game.

If we talk about the southern part of the country, some of the finest veggies are produced there including the hot paprika(red chilli peppers) that come from Szeged, green peppers from Szentes, onions from Mako and garlic from Hatyai. The most popular sausages of this region are the sausage from Gyula and from Csaba, and another famous thing is Pick Salami that people usually carry back to their homes. The peach Palinka from the Kecskemet region is the best in the country.


I will suggest that when you are on your Budapest short breaks; try a variety of dishes around the Balaton area especially the fish dishes like the catfish with Galuska or the maria fish soup. If you are fond of exquisite quality in wine then you must not leave the lavender wine of the Tihany peninsula.

The people of Hungary are very fond of different varieties of soups of which chicken soup is mostly a part of Sunday lunch at homes. It is made with the incorporation of a lot of seasonal veggies.

The Hungarians being quite sweet-toothed, there is always an abundance of sweet dishes on the menu. The traditional Kurtoskalacs(chimney cake) occupies the chief position on the Christmas’ dining table. The Somloi Galuska(sponge cake which is spilt with thick chocolate sauce and is topped with whipped cream) is an item that would be found in every Hungarian restaurant. My personal favourite is the Dobos cake (a sponge cake layered chocolate buttercream and a thin slice of caramel that cracks in the mouth) and the most loved dessert of the place, regularly eaten is pancake but it is quite different from its American counterpart as it is very thin and filled with cocoa powder, marmalade and vanilla or chocolate sauce.

Aren’t you feeling hungry after reading so much about Hungary? There is still time if you wish for low-cost holidays to this place of epicurean’s delight. You can book last minute city breaks to Europe with the help of Holiday Desire and hit the Hungarian land. It will not leave you hungry but will surely leave you craving for more.



My Love for Spain

Toledo Spain

Spain is one of the most lovable destinations for the entire peripatetic person around the world, and I started getting attracted to its fascinating chasm through the social media. Many of my friends have been to the nation and the pictures shared by them off and on have kept me on my nerves to witness that all by myself.

Being determined to hit the destination at the earliest I initiated my journey from Barcelona, I booked cheap Barcelona Holidays for April, last week. One month flew away just in a wink and here I was in the heart of my dream destination. A trip to the hot spots and the adventure hooks of the city proved me that my love for this town was not wrong. If someone asks me where they can plan for cheap family holidays, I would definitely suggest Barcelona in Spain, as there are certain things that attribute to the fondness of the city, making it an all-time favourite tourist destination.

Architectural Masterpieces of Gaudi – The profound work of the great architect, Gaudi, are truly unbelievable and amazing with Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, being few to mention.

The Astounding Beaches – The beaches of Spain are throbbing with excitement, vigour and vitality. Besides exhibiting sheer beauty and serenity these beaches will make you addicted to their pulsing nightlife from Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza to Galicia’s impressive As Catedrais.


Fascinating Islands – Mallorca and Ibiza are my favourites. That doesn’t mean that Formentera and Menorca had fallen short on the ranking list with their calm and peaceful surroundings. The Cies Islands, off Galicia no doubt are the replica of the Caribbean and the Canaries are adorably unique, artistic and scenic.

Festivals and Traditions – Spain oozes with festivity all the year round. Every city and town has its own unique list of festivals and traditions. You will fall in love with their Reyes Magos, La Diada de Sant Jordi, and La Tomatina. The good thing about the people of Spain is that they are always celebrating something or the other.

Andalusia – Granada, with majestic Alhambra and the quixotic Seville, will take your heart away as soon as you see them.  Exotic Pueblos Blancos, that seems intact since time immemorial, is another wonderful edifice. One could see colourful flowers, women flaunting beautiful dresses in flamenco and the Spanish guitars that have built their reputation till far off places.

Spanish Football – If you ever get a chance to see the Spanish football game, you should never miss the awesome fun. Watching this unique game from the stands of Bernabeu or Camp Nou is a wonderful experience altogether and if you are lucky enough to catch the greatest derby during that time then it would be one of the best experiences of your lifetime.


So, when are you planning for this wonder-nation? Book your cheap beach holidays to Spain and experience the absolute delight on your upcoming vacation, this time in Spain!






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