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Simple tips for booking an affordable cruise with all incluive

Affordable luxury

Cruise may seem expensive at first but with judicious planning, one can cut the expenses and plan a lavish yet economic cruise tour to their favourite destination. Just remember these few points in mind and get ready to hit the sea with Luxury Holidays.

friends in luxury cruise

Dream Destination Deal

There are many online travel agencies out there in the UK that offer highly discounted price for cruises and you can also read some travel tips for before planning your holidays. Just use your Internet to explore the same and book your package from an authentic and good company. The way to find whether the agency is genuine is to check whether it is associated with Cruise Line International Agency (CLIA) or other recognized organizations. You can ask the travel agent for travel Insurance and they can also help you with the rest of the travel plans such as airfare and transfers.

Book Well in Advance

Heavy discounts are given by the travel agencies to the people who pay well ahead, but prices keep fluctuating depending upon the occupancy rate. If you are lucky enough then you can have a better last minute city breaks as the cruise has to fill the empty staterooms but that would be sheer luck so let it be a sure shot deal, by booking early.

Off Season Discounts

The peak season tends to be from late December to March which would fetch you most expensive deals so if you plan between these months, then get prepared to bear the load on your travel budget. Fall is considered well priced in terms of cruising, though it is a hurricane season.

Must Know All Inclusive Deals

You must have proper knowledge about the inclusions in your deal to avoid last minute confusion or spoiling of mood on the deck. Some general points are like Food and entertainment are included in the package as cheap all inclusive holidays but the tips you pay are excluded. Few of the shore excursions are extra, so keep a check on what all is included.

Plan Your Own Excursion

Never keep yourself at the disposal of the planned excursions from the trip. Keep in touch with the tourist bureaus of the ports during your trip and check with what all they can offer you. You can also do your own land tour which would be more interesting and even cheaper but be cautious about your safety too in the foreign land.

Room without View

The cabins and rooms inside are just as spacious as the outside ones but cost about 60 percent less than outside one, and if you are in cruise and you do not have the view of the open sea standing by you, then it may ruin your luxurious feel.So to avoid that feeling you book your room inside and enjoy at the open deck during the fun time and you enjoy the most of it.

Ensure Saving On Airfares

There are many cruise packages that include almost everything excluding the airfare. Check in advance. Some lines will offer a lower airfare with an airline partner and it may or may not be a good deal. The only advantage of booking a flight with a cruise line partner is that if the flight is delayed they facilitate you with another medium of transport till the ship.

Research Your Choice Thoroughly

The profile, tips, images, reviews, deals and offers of Cruise Lines are available online. Compare different cruises and get the best deal for you. If you can make your cruise trip relaxing and enjoyable affair and at the same time could cut on the overall cost, then nothing would be more befitting and the vacation would be remembered forever.



You Will Never Go Hungry in Hungary


The Hungarians are famous for their wandering past and which is now too explicit in their cuisine as most of it comprises of meat (mainly poultry, pork and beef) and still, the dishes are cooked in open fire; be it the famous goulash, fisherman’s soup or the Porkoit(stew).

In the 15th century, Hungary’s kitchen was blessed with the two major components that comprise of almost every dish that is cooked today. Later on the flavour of different countries like Italy, America, Turkey etc was added to Hungarian food when the people from these counties settled in the Hungarian basin. Elements of Turkey could be tasted in many sweet dishes like the cake called Bejgli. Hungarian cuisine is best known for the variety it provides, so it is said that no one will remain hungry in Hungary as each one can find a dish of his taste regardless from which part of the world he hails from. The place is also known to have given birth to the Hortobagyi pancake, which is a savoury crepe that is filled with veal and is usually served as the starter. Another yummy dish is Slambuc, which is cooked on the open fire and made of potatoes and noodles, flavoured with good bacon. The area adjoining Lake Tisza is particularly known for its lamb stew which comprises of every part of the animal including the head, feet and even the giblets. There is also an annual lamb stew competition held in Karcag which draws a lot of people from various places to participate in this exciting game.

If we talk about the southern part of the country, some of the finest veggies are produced there including the hot paprika(red chilli peppers) that come from Szeged, green peppers from Szentes, onions from Mako and garlic from Hatyai. The most popular sausages of this region are the sausage from Gyula and from Csaba, and another famous thing is Pick Salami that people usually carry back to their homes. The peach Palinka from the Kecskemet region is the best in the country.


I will suggest that when you are on your Budapest short breaks; try a variety of dishes around the Balaton area especially the fish dishes like the catfish with Galuska or the maria fish soup. If you are fond of exquisite quality in wine then you must not leave the lavender wine of the Tihany peninsula.

The people of Hungary are very fond of different varieties of soups of which chicken soup is mostly a part of Sunday lunch at homes. It is made with the incorporation of a lot of seasonal veggies.

The Hungarians being quite sweet-toothed, there is always an abundance of sweet dishes on the menu. The traditional Kurtoskalacs(chimney cake) occupies the chief position on the Christmas’ dining table. The Somloi Galuska(sponge cake which is spilt with thick chocolate sauce and is topped with whipped cream) is an item that would be found in every Hungarian restaurant. My personal favourite is the Dobos cake (a sponge cake layered chocolate buttercream and a thin slice of caramel that cracks in the mouth) and the most loved dessert of the place, regularly eaten is pancake but it is quite different from its American counterpart as it is very thin and filled with cocoa powder, marmalade and vanilla or chocolate sauce.

Aren’t you feeling hungry after reading so much about Hungary? There is still time if you wish for low-cost holidays to this place of epicurean’s delight. You can book last minute city breaks to Europe with the help of Holiday Desire and hit the Hungarian land. It will not leave you hungry but will surely leave you craving for more.



My Love for Spain

Toledo Spain

Spain is one of the most lovable destinations for the entire peripatetic person around the world, and I started getting attracted to its fascinating chasm through the social media. Many of my friends have been to the nation and the pictures shared by them off and on have kept me on my nerves to witness that all by myself.

Being determined to hit the destination at the earliest I initiated my journey from Barcelona, I booked cheap Barcelona Holidays for April, last week. One month flew away just in a wink and here I was in the heart of my dream destination. A trip to the hot spots and the adventure hooks of the city proved me that my love for this town was not wrong. If someone asks me where they can plan for cheap family holidays, I would definitely suggest Barcelona in Spain, as there are certain things that attribute to the fondness of the city, making it an all-time favourite tourist destination.

Architectural Masterpieces of Gaudi – The profound work of the great architect, Gaudi, are truly unbelievable and amazing with Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, being few to mention.

The Astounding Beaches – The beaches of Spain are throbbing with excitement, vigour and vitality. Besides exhibiting sheer beauty and serenity these beaches will make you addicted to their pulsing nightlife from Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza to Galicia’s impressive As Catedrais.


Fascinating Islands – Mallorca and Ibiza are my favourites. That doesn’t mean that Formentera and Menorca had fallen short on the ranking list with their calm and peaceful surroundings. The Cies Islands, off Galicia no doubt are the replica of the Caribbean and the Canaries are adorably unique, artistic and scenic.

Festivals and Traditions – Spain oozes with festivity all the year round. Every city and town has its own unique list of festivals and traditions. You will fall in love with their Reyes Magos, La Diada de Sant Jordi, and La Tomatina. The good thing about the people of Spain is that they are always celebrating something or the other.

Andalusia – Granada, with majestic Alhambra and the quixotic Seville, will take your heart away as soon as you see them.  Exotic Pueblos Blancos, that seems intact since time immemorial, is another wonderful edifice. One could see colourful flowers, women flaunting beautiful dresses in flamenco and the Spanish guitars that have built their reputation till far off places.

Spanish Football – If you ever get a chance to see the Spanish football game, you should never miss the awesome fun. Watching this unique game from the stands of Bernabeu or Camp Nou is a wonderful experience altogether and if you are lucky enough to catch the greatest derby during that time then it would be one of the best experiences of your lifetime.


So, when are you planning for this wonder-nation? Book your cheap beach holidays to Spain and experience the absolute delight on your upcoming vacation, this time in Spain!






Well known as the Europe’s meeting place, Austria has an unfathomable enormity of culture, colourful landscapes, imperial architecture and international flavour. Since time immemorial, Austria has exhibited a special role, being placed at the centre of Europe; as a site of cultural switch, as a meeting venue, trade exchange and as a link between other European destinations. If you wish to breathe in the fresh mountain air or just to enjoy the remarkable scenic beauty, exited to visit the sophisticated art galleries or to see the striking architectural edifices, then the cities of Austria should be your first choice.
If you are fed up of the cheap beach holidays,  then plan for cheap city breaks to Europe. Here is a list of few of my favourites:-

No second thought for Vienna! This capital of Austria undoubtedly tops the list. Being the one most close to the Austrian life, the beautiful city of Vienna is throbbing with all the excitement required on a trip; musical shows, operas, ballets, art galleries, majestic palaces, striking museums, are few to mention. In Vienna you will observe a typical fusion of historical architecture and contemporary life-style.

This small but attractive town is often acclaimed as one of the most beautiful places in Austria, as it overlooks the tranquil waters of Hallstat Lake. It also offers you amazing opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, boating and other thrills. Other places worth visiting in the city are Beinhaus, the famous bone house, the salt and ice caves etc`

Salzburg, for sure, is the place for music fans. The sound of music lures the people to travel to this astounding destination with 70% of overseas visitors. The place gives you it’s own version of music on it’s sound and musical tour. Also overflowing with a vast array of galleries, museums, inter-cuisine restaurants and shopping arenas, Salzburg truly lives up to the expectations of the tourists.

Alpbach has always been the most hyped village in Austria, and the whole credit goes to it’s enthralling beauty which is attributed to the ideal location of the place amid the group of snow capped mountains which gives access to the best ski slopes. The Alpbach village is full of appealing wooden farm houses, cattle fields and art factories that have employed skilled natives in traditional craft.

The beautiful picturesque road called the Grossglockner Alpine, is definitely worth a visit. The striking road leads to bosom of the Hohe Tauern National Park, as well as up the heights of Grossglockner, the tallest mountain in Austria. This road gives the awesome experience to explore the Austrian landscape at its best, as it will make you pass through the alpine meadows, sheer cliffs, and rice plains.
The most imposing medieval castle in Austria is the Hochosterwitz Castle and it has rightly earned the recognition, standing high on the top of Dolomite rock formation. In between the time of Easter and end of October every year, visitors are allowed to visit inside certain parts of the castle. Tourists are permitted to walk along the entire 620 meter pathway through fourteen fascinating gates before ending up at the stunning frontage of the castle.
It is an alpine lake in the state of Carinthia which is the fifth largest and one of the most stunning on the entire land of Austria. It has sparkling blue water. The lake itself attracts numerous tourists with ample of activities like bathing, fishing, boating etc. Here people just sit back, relax and enjoy the sheer beauty of nature.
Hope, the above description of the European city breaks would help you plan your vacations. For more information on last minute city breaks, you can check our website. It would be our pleasure serving you.


Why is Corfu the ‘Hot New’ Destination in 2018?

Corfu is not only staggering with its panoramic landscapes, specific architecture and enticing food, which is strangely economical. With cheap city breaks to Europe, explore more than you can imagine.

Things in Corfu cost half than other European regions. Being one of the most popular summer destinations, visitors from all around the globe flock to the famous islands just for the glittering sun and the history that lurks behind One should visit Corfu in the spring to experience these cities. You will definitely love Corfu. It is warm, pocket-friendly to great cuisine, jolly locals and jovial festivals, amazing weather and fewer crowds. The average daytime temperature stays around 23°C, with 8 hours sunshine.


The north-east part of Corfu offers a perfect setting for families and young travellers. Compared to the rest, this part is comfortable. There are plenty enchanting seaside villages with a good choice of affordable hotels, huts and resorts. However, where can one stay?

  • Siorra Vittoria
  • Villa De Loulia
  • House on the Rocks
  • Kokkokila
  • Cavalieri Hotel
  • Vinita and Zografia
  • Corfu Palace


The Greeks live for food. The restaurants will cost about EUR 20 for an amazing dinner, even in the tourist localities. A luxurious meal will cost you around 30 EUR. Cheap meals such as a Gyro (kebab) will cost you around 3 EUR. Have a look at the best places to eat in Corfu:

  • Old Fortress – Greek and European dishes
  • Maestro – Amazing seafood delicacies
  • Cavalieri Hotel Roof Garden – International cuisine with amazing views
  • Etrusco – Award-winning spot for Greek and Italian dishes
  • Taverna Tripa – Enjoy wine and meaty dishes
  • Akrotiri Café – Wide selection for brunch with sea views
  • YogArt – A variety of yoghurt
  • Klimataria – Unique smells and flavours
  • Pyramid Restaurant – Enjoy Mediterranean delights
  • Ristorante Del Sole – Relish a wealth of seafood 

Begin your exploration

THE ACROPOLIS – Situated in Athens, this majestic temple is a fantastic place to know about the history of Athens as you get to explore the ancient ruins and the view of the city. During summer, the place swarms with visitors, but sadly, there are few structures that always under renovation.

THE PAST – Corfu is where the western civilization began and everywhere you turn your head, you will find only ruins. During the summer, the place floods with tourists. Beginning with museums, head towards the Acropolis and the other ruins, and then set off to discover Crete, Delphi and other cities.

EXPLORE BEACHES – Well, everyone knows that Corfu islands are the best in the world. Starting from Crete to Corfu and Santorini, you can experience cheap beach holidays unlike any. Soak yourself in the golden sun, get playful on the white sands, and relax in one of the white and blue homes. Couples love Santorini and Los, as these two places are known to flourish with parties and young tourists.

FESTIVALS – With cheap family holidays, Witness the Hellenic Festival every summer in Athens. The city is in an uproar with performances and concerts, including the performance of ancient Greek tales and events. These shows are one of the top events in the city. You will watch in amazement as to how the Greeks take pride in their past.

OLYMPIA – Explore the ruins of Olympia, the place where the renowned games had its beginning. Do not miss the Temple of Zeus.

CORFU SUN – With last minute holiday deals, face the sun in Corfu as the place here is quite sunny, and the west coast is a good place to enjoy beach activities and a view of the horizon. 


Ferries and boats will be at your service most of the time as the islands in Corfu are profuse. You will spend 36 EUR per trip, from one island to the other. Buses and trains are around 20 EUR hence Corfu was accounted as one of the best cheap beach holidays destination 2017/2018.


In last minute city breaks, visiting the ancient sites in and around Corfu will allow you to spend between 10-20 EUR. Activities such as kayaking, banana boats and parasailing will cost you around 22-24 EUR.

Money Saving Tips

Gyros and several street snacks will cost you few Euros, and they can keep you active and happy the whole day. When you cannot ride the train, rent a moped, as they are much cheaper than a car, and the best way to see the town.

The inter-island ferries can be pricey if you visit the islands frequently. Boarding the overnight ferries can save you up to half the normal price. The catch is, if you book these ferries two months in advance, you can save 25% on the cost of tickets.

Mind-blowing Facts that will make you take a Trip to Finland

Finland has always been associated with Saint Nick and sauna. However, Europe’s cornered nation is full of fun, excitement, and amazement. The small population that it caters to, never minds the country being full of forests and rocky regions.

In the past Russians and the Swedes backed up the Finns, but now staggering architecture and design tempt visitors for a cheap city break to Europe from all over the planet to this mind-blowing destination with several secrets. Here are a few facts that very few know about:

Referred to as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Finland has whopping 187,000 lakes in the Finland region. If you love to walk around, you can explore more than 150,000 islands. Overwhelming, isn’t it?

When it comes to something bizarre, Finland has some of the world’s unique sports. The famous among all is the Wife Carrying World Championship that takes place every July. This phenomenal race brings couples from all over Europe. Several newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon this way.

Other strange games are mobile phone throwing, muddy football, mosquito hunting and more.

You might not know this – you have the freedom to Roam and pitch a tent anywhere you like. Whether it is wildlife camping, pitching near the tent or fishing, you have the whole nation to yourself.

Finland has invented many things and the Finns were the first to bring out the idea of the first internet browsers. Erwise was the first Internet Browser with a User Interface. Other cool things invented here are the Linux OS, Angry Birds, the SMS, ice-skated and the sauna.

Unbelievably, the best pizzas are baked here. So all pizza lovers, you can have a hearty pizza party. Apart from the pizza, you can enjoy the entire gastronomic experience – the ambience, the serving, surrounding and the pizza, of course.

When it comes to coffee, the Finns do it right. You can forget your Italian espressos, forget Australian flavours, and head for java. It is said that a Finn can consume 10-12 kg of the brown things every year. It is nearly impossible to find out how many cups of coffee a Finn can drink.

Finns are also milk lovers. The country has the largest consumption of milk per capita. A recent survey says that around 1 quart per person each day.

If you are thinking there are not many beaches in Europe, there are several to make your cheap beach holidays memorable.

If you wish to follow Dominic Toretto and his team of Fast and Furious, you better look out and do not get pulled up by the police. Make sure you are not caught speeding in Finland. Once a speedy person was fined 200,000 dollars. That is excessively too much!

If you fancy tango, you need not head to Argentina or Spain. Tango style is very much alive in Finland. Tango hit this nation in the 60s and the rest is history.

If you are still making up your mind to visit Finland, there are last minute city breaks deals at Crystal Travel. This is the time you need a break. Go for it!



Points to Consider Before You Book a Trip to Portugal

A word of caution before you visit Portugal – the country might just become your #1 love, making your partner jealous.

If you have never been to Portugal, you should!

Moreover, if you are planning a trip, these insider tips can help you to prepare a memorable journey. Once you keep yourself updated on the culture, customs, attractions, restaurants, shopping, food and other things, it would be easy to relate when you land in that particular destination. Therefore, if you are searching for cheap city breaks to Europe:

  • Months of July and August are the hottest months to visit Portugal. Do avoid it! May, June and September is the best time to explore this dynamic European nation.
  • You might need to make your own travel arrangements. Find out how to travel the airport, right up to your hotel. Public transport does not run after a certain time.
  • If you are planning to travel to more than one city in Portugal, check the travel time and the distance. It will make sense when you can travel faster and easier between destinations.
  • Several cities in Portugal offer a tourist pass, such as Porto Card or Lisbon Card that offers free or discounted travel. You could save money from the time you disembark your flight.
  • Here is good news for you, you do not need any vaccinations for visiting Portugal until and unless you are travelling from a Yellow Fever Zone.
  • Although credit cards are accepted, some restaurants and smaller stores take cash. If you are paying by debit or credit card, you might be charged. Consult your bank before making purchases.
  • Refrain from carrying large bills while travelling to Portugal. Do not carry bigger than 50 Euros if you exchange money before travelling. If you have a stack of big bills, exchange it from your local bank.
  • If you plan to explore deeper parts of Portugal, make sure you are well-equipped, as local stores might have limited supply of products. If you are planning a family getaway, you can get good deals for your cheap beach holidays as Portugal has amazing beaches.
  • You may not find any tea-making facility in your hotel room. Therefore, carry a travel kettle if you are unable to live without your tea or cuppa.
  • If you are travelling to Portugal during winter, pack sunglasses and sun scream. During summers, you need your hat, sunglasses and repellent to avoid insects and mosquitoes. Pack comfortable shoes or sandals and avoid spiky heels. Jeans, T-shirts and jackets/sweaters will be good for winters.
  • While planning a museum tour, several museums offer free entry on Sundays or admission with discounts. Plan in such a way that you do not land up at a museum on a Monday; most remain closed.
  • English is widely spoken in Portugal. If you can learn a few simple phrases in Portuguese, it will help you in many ways.
  • The locals love to eat. You might be offered dishes made with cheese, bread, and meat at a restaurant, but they come with a price. If you do not want them, just send them back politely and you will not be charged. Seafood is Portugal’s delight. You will surely enjoy a hearty meal. Always get an estimate of your bill before ordering food in order to avoid surprises in the bill.
  • This is a good time to visit Portugal. If this guide rings a bell, you can always grab last minute city breaks from Holiday Desire with special discounts and mind-blowing offers.

German Secrets to make your Holiday Memorable


What comes to your mind when you think of Germany? For me, many things pop up. Whether it is the magnificent castles, mugs of beer, juicy sausages, beaches, frosty forests, historic districts, thriving art scene or the untamed nightlife, the modern Germany offers much more, bringing frequent holidaymakers for ravishing holidays to Germany. You can find a Robin Hood forest and a Snow White castle almost everywhere.  My aim is to allure first-timers more than the returning visitors do.

Moreover, if you are looking for some enlivening Christmas markets, Germany is the best. The more you explore Germany, the deeper you keep going into its wonders. Unbelievably, Germany is an awesome budget-friendly city to save some Euros. Here is the list of top Christmas markets in Germany. Go for it before the year ends.

  • Berlin WeihnachtsZauber
  • Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market
  • Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt
  • Munich Christmas Market
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber Reiterlesmarkt
  • Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market
  • Konstanz Christmas Market
  • Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

If you talk about hotels, it is 10-30 EUR per night for a dorm and 50 EUR for a private room. The food world of Germany is vast and cheap. All you outdoor food lovers, you can relish bratwurst and some amazing sausages for 2-5 EUR, beer and meals for 8-13 EUR and a sandwich for 5 EUR. McDonald’s will cost around 6-7 EUR. What about a nice meal along with beer in a nice little restaurant? Well, that will be around 20 EUR.

Germany is huge and there are endless things to see, do and experience. Somehow, I have managed to list down the top things you can do. Let us begin by exploring the capital city Berlin. Amazing history and modish neighbourhoods are the talks of the town. Great bars, great food, emit a great vibe. Right from museums to Europe’s fabulous nightlife, Berlin is astonishing and cheap.

Do forests entice you? If yes, hiking the Black Forest is extremely rewarding. Situated near the French border, the forest got its name due to the grim and tall pine trees. For hikers, there is an expanded trail, which is worth hiking. Spend some time at the towns on way and relish typical German food.

Looking for something more trendy and upscale? Munich is the big brother of Berlin. Teeming with parks, beer halls, tiny streets, royal architecture and surfing, it is an amazing destination worth exploring. Did you hear me say surfing? Yup…surfing!!! Try surfing in the middle of Munich, at Eisbach, a small channel coming out from River Isar. Surfers have been flocking to this place since the 1970s. Once you try it out here, there is no turning back.

Hanover is another stunning destination, though underrated. It is stunning because of its extensive green areas, the Leine River and dense forests. You also get to explore buildings surviving since WWII and a few other iconic landmarks.

Have you heard about the Neuschwanstein Castle? It seems that this majestic castle popped out of a fairy tale. This was modelled as a Disney Castle, perched on a hill surrounded by forests.

How can we forget Frankfurt? This is another amazing German city; home to numerous restaurants, historic structures, the largest exhibition hall in the world and museums.

I am sure you are looking for beaches and I am coming to that. Forget Spain or even Greece, Germany has beaches that can make you forget the others. If you are planning your beach getaway, you can avail cheap beach holidays 2017/2018. July and August offer the best time to take a dip into the Baltic coasts. To avoid the crowd, May or June is the best time to leisure out on the German beaches. Here is a look at the top German beaches:

  • Sylt
  • Bay of Lübeck
  • Usedom
  • Peter-Ording
  • Amrum
  • Hiddensee
  • Rügen

No doubt, Germany has strongly established itself as an exceptional travel destination. In case you wonder why this imposing country has much more to it than the eye can see. For sudden desires of the holiday, you can book last minute city breaks and enjoy a good deal to this multifarious country.

Why Bali Sizzles as the Top Wellness Destination In the World?

Wellness Heaven

What attracted me towards Bali was its stunning geography, and of course the amazing wellness activities and treatments that abide. Famed as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali is a booming destination due to its affordability.

Lately, international tourists have embraced the serene and spiritual elements of Bali by exploring ancient temples and by enjoying adventurous activities such as diving and surfing at one of the classic Balinese beaches. Though I had visited Bali just to explore the temples, this time I required some wellness therapy. Getting a good flight deal to Bali from the UK wasn’t tough. My London to Bali Denpasar flight took 15 hours for just £303. A fair deal isn’t it? The sight from the plane was astonishing.

The carpet of green paddy fields was a treat to the eyes. It is believed that even the rice terraces and lush forests emit healing. But it’s a fact, that many tourists visit Ubud, Bali to pursue wellness and spa treatments along with meditation. Women too, get their babies/children massaged to boost circulation. No doubt, Bali jumped from the third position to the first position in the Worldwide Wellness Destination survey. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for beach holidays to Bali, you can still enjoy a wellness treatment.

Bali – A Spa Mecca

For wellness seekers, Bali is the destination second to none. The natural wonders offer a stately backdrop to the soul-pleasing spas, healing sessions and wellness activities. There aren’t many places on the planet where you’ll find over seventy-five yoga retreats just within hours drive from each other, and in Bali the choices are endless.

One gets to enjoy yoga in a natural bound environment. Yoga venues range from bamboo cottages to wooden shacks located in the rice fields, on the mountains or on isolated beaches. Such a diverse settlement allows travellers to pick their choicest wellness spots.

Extremely Affordable

As you read my article, imagine yourself in a flower bath with splashes of cool water from a sacred river, or enjoying an out-of-the-world healing massage from a shaman. With such a glorious offering, you drown in Bali’s cultural and spiritual offerings. The best part is wellness treatments and spas are quite affordable. You can cherish a modest massage between £40-50 or so.

After-effects of a Wellness Centre

  • Find your secret oasis
  • Appreciate the little things
  • Channel your inner child
  • Break old habits. Form new ones
  • Share the gift of a smile

World famous therapists

Every year Bali outshines in achieving the best spa destination in the world and it’s not hard to see, why. Uniquely, Balinese spa and wellness experts are the most sought-after therapists on the globe. Not only they have healing power in their hands, but their knowledge, skills and gestures revive your body, mind and soul in no time.

Away from the daily life

For most of us living a modern city life, we are in a constant battle to survive against several health issues. You just have to get your bags packed and head towards the bosom of nature for some organic and nature therapy. For me, it was asthma that gave me the frights.

For those who are planning to visit Bali, get ready to meet some of the most humble and generous people on the earth. Your escape to Bali includes meditation, yoga, detoxes, herbal treatments, Ayurvedic meals and a close contact with nature itself.

Upgraded and Updated Wellness Facilities

Guess you are already thinking about a peaceful walk through the rice paddies or the kiss of ocean breeze while meditating in one of the world’s best holiday destinations in 2018. Motivated by mass awareness and worldwide interest, the wellness activities and facilities in Bali have matured since the last decade, becoming a prominent haven for robustness and rejuvenation.

Bali – Connection with the gods and nature

I met an aged yoga instructor at one of the Balinese Wellness Centres who leads a popular 5-day treatment. He told me that the locals are spiritually linked in their daily activities. The old and the young are taught to pray before anything they do, and such a connection with the supreme invisible power offers harmony, purity, clarity and strength for the daily tasks. He further said that we locals never forget to thank nature and our gods for anything and everything we do.

Bali is an Asian Disney spot to all the yoga fanatics with a serious view. It’s healing with pure natural features. On your Asian holidays, getting to Bali is quite easy. All flights towards Bali arrive at the island’s capital – Denpasar, which is 2 hours away from Ubud.

Traffic is infamously awful, so hold on to your patience and tap your shoulder to anticipate a life-changing experience on reaching your scenic spot with holidays to Asia. I was healed and revived, so will you.


I Was In Istanbul And This Is What I Was Up To!


Awe-inspiring and larger than life, Istanbul is one of the best cities on the planet. A maze of wondrous architecture, hospitable people and home to heavenly food; it’s a city that can be visited over and over again.

Now, I just want you to get in my shoes and explore the city all by yourself. Let me tell you that Istanbul is in Europe, in case you’re already in the Middle East or in Asia. Spring season is the best time to escape from the daily chores of life and enjoy holidays in Istanbul. That’s May or June. Or else in Autumn between September and November.

Enveloped with Perfect Weather

The crowd is less and the weather is just perfect to get the ball rolling. You’ll be glad to know that the Tulip Festival is held in the month of April in Istanbul with uncountable bloomed tulips.

Reaching Istanbul is not a problem. Flights from the UK, or anywhere, arrive at Ataturk or Sabiha Gokcen Airport. By the way, Ataturk is much closer to the city centre and even to Sultanahmet or Taksim. From the airport, you could either board the metro or hire a taxi to reach Sultanahmet or Taksim as most of the hotels congregate there.

Duration of Stay

Doesn’t matter how long you need to stay, Istanbul is overwhelming. We stayed seven nights and wanted more. To enjoy the city to the fullest, I recommend three nights and take in most of the key sights. So, all set? Now, where do you go?

Sultanahmet is your starting point

You should start from Sultanahmet’s Top Tourist Attractions. Sultanahmet is home to some iconic attractions like Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern. If you’re visiting the city for the first time, these gems ‘should not be missed’.

Mesmerising Markets

Now, I didn’t mean to offend shoppers. All shopping fanatics must head towards The Grand and Egyptian Spice Bazaar. These are popular, enormous and one of the oldest bazaars in Istanbul, not far from Sultanahmet Square. It means you can buy Aladdin’s magic lamp for sure. But seriously, you can buy anything and everything at the Grand Bazaar.

Right from furniture, clothes, leather goods, carpets, souvenirs, things are all lined up. The Spice Bazaar smells amazing. Home to more than a hundred shops selling, tea, spice, dried fruits, buts and other Turkish delights. Make sure you carry some home.

Alluring Landmarks

I bet, you won’t be able to explore these two markets in a day, hence, take a break and allow your eyes to marvel at the iconic Galata Tower and the Dolmabahce Palace. These are the most stylish boulevard in the Istiklal neighbourhood. Well, you can eat, shop and blend into the pulsating nightlife. Make sure you spend an evening here to taste Istanbul’s nightlife.

Bosphorus Cruise

Any photographers out here? A panoramic cruise of the Bosphorus is more than exciting. (Bosphorus is a natural waterway. It’s a continental boundary between Europe and Asia, and isolates Asian Turkey from European Turkey). The ferry company offers three thrilling cruises taking you all the way to Anadolu Kavagı just before the Black Sea. Halt and relish mouth-watering seafood by the waterways.

Istanbul is full of Byzantine architecture and an impressive mosaic work. Whether you visit a church or a mosque, every detail will spellbind you. I bet your Istanbul holiday trip will be worth it!

Visit the Asian District

Now again, if you are visiting Istanbul for the first time, get a taste of the Asian culture. It’s trendy, pleasing and full of life. Ciya Sofrasi and Walter’s Coffee Roastery is home to a patchwork of restaurants, bars, cafes and some enlivening neighbourhoods. If you can spare a day, the Asian side will grip you. Let me also inform you, the Kadıkoy Market is a food lover’s dream spot.

Turkish Bathhouses

Your time in Istanbul won’t be fruitful, or complete if you do not visit one of the Turkish Bathhouse. There are numerous hammams and traditional bathhouses to choose from. Beginning from the budget to the lavish, from the oldest to the recent, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

If you are on a budget, do not look beyond Aga Hammel. Believe it or not, this bathhouse is over 560, and as a couple, we enjoyed getting friendly with other couples.

It’s October, and Turkey holidays package is available at best prices with special discounts. Whether you’re looking for a European city break or a family holiday to Istanbul, there are competitive holiday packages that can be booked easily.



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